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The 'hatest' generation gets even crazier

Are the Millennials (born 1977-1997) what Ronald Reagan foresaw when he warned that freedom is never more than one generation away from destruction?

Not all, but nearly a third of Millennials now in their mid-30s continue to live in their parents’ basement. Many seem unable or unwilling to grow up, preferring to remain perpetual children. And like spoiled children, many throw angry tantrums and violently demand the world obey their commands.

What is wrong with Millennials? Research published this June found I.Q. scores had been increasing – until 1975, when I.Q.s went into a steep decline of 3 to 4 points, an unexplained plunge in I.Q. that may help explain why immature Millennials seem to be America’s “dumbest generation,” at least politically.

Roughly 40 percent of Millennials prefer “socialism” to “capitalism.” This is understandable, coming from children accustomed to having paternalistic rulers who give them food and shelter without making the children take any responsibility for working to pay their share of costs or the family’s taxes. To such Millennials, the world is supposed to be a free ride.

Because they do not work, such Millennials in the basement can watch TV all day long – MSNBC (i.e., Marxist-Socialist NBC) and CNN all day, Stephen Colbert weeknights, and “Saturday Night Live” on dateless weekends – marinating their narrow little minds with propaganda that is more than 92 percent anti-President Donald Trump and anti-Republican.

We are witnessing what novelist George Orwell foresaw in “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” a collectivist totalitarian dystopia where everyday serfs come together for the “two-minute hate,” where all politically incorrect ideas and statements are ruthlessly suppressed, and where history is constantly re-written to prove the state is always correct.

Leftist networks and social media are delighted to stimulate the infantile emotions of Millennials, to provide them with a “24-hour hate” against President Trump. But, as with radio shock jocks, this requires constantly topping whatever extreme and violent attacks were made yesterday. This hatefest brings the purveyors of hate big ratings of a key demographic age group eagerly sought by advertisers.

The logical question is why capitalist advertisers care. In past generations, the goal was to win the affection of a young audience that, as it grew, would buy its products and homes and soon start families of their own. Advertising was an investment that paid off in lifelong customer loyalty. But the bottom third of Millennials have no job, no savings, no plans to marry and raise a family. Many just want to be given a guaranteed government income for doing nothing – except voting for Democrats. They are lifelong children likely to buy far less than previous generations.

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As brainwashed children, they see a world of black hats and white, of good and evil, not of differences that can pragmatically be discussed and compromised. What they have been taught in government schools and leftist media is the message of Karl Marx and George Orwell’s Big Brother: that the state has replaced God, and the left is always right. Those who disagree are to be silenced and, if they do not immediately conform to the New World Order collective, destroyed. Nationalist individualist Trump, they mindlessly agree, must be destroyed.

These young, mostly Millennial storm troopers neither see nor care, for example, that the present theatrical media outcry over children prevented from illegally flooding into the United States is a gimmick. None of the leftist media accused President Barack Obama of running an “internment” or “death” camp when he detained more than twice as many illegal immigrant children. But the media blame Trump while showing unidentified photos of Obama’s detainees.

This whole issue is an emotional trick to distract from what otherwise would be positive news about President Trump’s successes. The leftist media do not want to report that prosperity and jobs – so great that even half a percent of infantile Millennials have just found work and left Mom and Dad’s basement – is happening. The leftist media do not want to report that Mr. Trump might win a Nobel Peace Prize; 71 percent of Democrats in one poll said they would rather not have North Korean peace than see Trump get the credit.

Millennials have become not the greatest, but the “hatest” generation. Eager to see the United States replaced with a globalist, socialist free-for-all, they want to see President Trump and his duly-elected government torn from power by any means, from lies to ballots to bullets. All public approval for this Millennial madness of hate and violence must stop.

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