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The left is losing it -- here's what they plan

For just about the first time in their angry, pathetic lives, the far-left activists aren’t getting their way … and they are absolutely losing it as a result.

During the eight years of Obama’s presidency, and arguably during the 20 years preceding that, the country shifted toward the left, pushed inexorably by the real powers behind the throne (progressive media and liberal public education). Thanks to the unceasing indefatigable efforts of the far left, things that were unthinkable a generation ago are now standard. Sue Christian bakeries out of existence! Put satanic transgenders in library story hours for children! Win win win! We can’t lose! The nation is unified behind us!

The far-left activists became used to getting their way. They knew if they threw a big enough temper tantrum, the weary populace would eventually give in. Again.

And then Trump got elected, and the happy little world of far-left activists imploded. Suddenly, things that worked before weren’t working anymore.

Recently, with the leftist temper tantrums drawing more yawns, they’ve had to ramp up their activism, crossing the line from protests into stalking, from harassment into intimidation, from agitation into violence. They’re declaring all Trump voters as Public Enemy No. 1 and thus fair game for attack.

But this time the anticipated results aren’t happening. Instead of unifying people behind their cause, a lot of folks are drawing away and saying, “Enough.” Most people – left or right, liberal or conservative – don’t want to engage in stalking, intimidation or violence. They just want to be left alone to make a living and raise their families.

Desperate to recapture their losing momentum, the activists are upping the ante. It’s not enough to permit people to have a different opinion about something; anyone who thinks differently must be shut down by violent means (remember Milo at Berkeley?). It’s not enough to throw a general protest; now the activists must harass individuals in restaurants, arrange protests at private residences, scream, stalk, intimidate and incite.

Deprived of intelligence, critical-thinking skills and logic, the far-left activists are running on pure emotion and losing their grip on reality.

Politicians are now receiving death threats for the crime of having an opinion. Republican Arizona Rep. David Schweikert says he received more death threats in 2017 than every other year he’s been in office combined. “There’s an absolute attempt to dehumanize anyone who disagrees, and particularly the rage is off the charts right now because our philosophy is actually working,” he said. “If you can’t win by facts and the arguments, and the proof is just outside these doors, then you have to dehumanize those of us who are on the more conservative side.”

The most recent example of inciting harassment is Maxine Waters, who encouraged her supporters to “stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Now Waters is acting shocked and hurt that people are applying her own advice to her.

We also have Splinter senior writer Hamilton Nolan hinting that domestic bombing is the next persuasive tactic to convince people the far left is peaceful, loving and tolerant.

What these morons won’t admit is most people kinda like Trump’s America-first attitude and his novel stance of following the Constitution. Since the far left hates America and thinks the Constitution should be upgraded according to their recommendations (No borders! Free everything! Universal basic income for all!), naturally they’re displeased whenever Trump’s popularity soars. Over 70 percent of liberals don’t want peace with North Korea because Trump would take credit. (See? No logic, no critical thinking; just pure emotion.)

The far left is now labeling all Trump supporters Nazis. This is like labeling all Trump supporters (regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, etc.) racists: It’s so overused and ridiculously untrue that it long ago lost its sting. The general reaction these days is “Yeah, sure. Go read a history book, you moron.”

But the far-left agitators have accomplished one goal: Many millions of people who support Trump do so in secret for fear of retribution from intolerant progressives who would immediately make their live miserable. Imagine a government-school teacher admitting she liked Trump. Imagine a Google employee admitting he liked Trump. Imagine a Hollywood actress admitting she liked Trump.

What do far-left agitators hope to accomplish with these tactics? What is Maxine Waters’ goal when she urges her followers to harass Trump supporters? Is it to convince conservatives they’re wrong? “Gee, you kicked me out of a restaurant/stalked my family/issued death threats against my children/protested outside my home/shot people at a baseball game. Through your brilliant logic and powers of persuasion, I’m convinced I was wrong and you were right; next time I’ll vote for Hillary.”

Of course not. This isn’t the goal of the far left. Their goal is to divide America further, to push people over the edge into violence, to launch another civil war in which they, and they alone, will build the phoenix that rises from the ashes in their own image.

But unlike régimes in the past where these tactics worked and millions died (Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Cambodia, etc.), America has one critical advantage: the Second Amendment. The left can agitate all it wants, but when push comes to shove – literally – people can push back and protect themselves. All the millions of poor souls who died when extremists took over their nations didn’t have that advantage.

The fact is, Americans are armed to the teeth. As one meme put it, “Legal U.S. gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously folks, if we were the problem, you’d know it.”

No wonder the left hates guns. No wonder progressive politicians constantly lobby to reduce or eliminate the Second Amendment. As long as those firearms are in the hands of peaceable citizens, the far-left can only go so far. Fascist tactics cannot work against an armed populace.

That’s all I’m saying.