The ‘new’ Supreme Court

By Joseph Farah

Three recent Supreme Court decisions show just how important the election Donald Trump was last year.

  1. On Tuesday, the high court ruled that California’s crisis pregnancy centers do not have to post notices or talk to patients about state services regarding abortions. In the 5-4 decision, the conservative majority said a law requiring such communication probably violates free speech rights – and, of course it does. Most crisis pregnancy centers were founded to save the lives of unborn children and provide alternatives to abortion.
  2. Also on Tuesday, the court upheld President Donald Trump’s original travel ban in another 5-4 ruling. This was the same travel ban previously blocked numerous times by federal judges. What did the court find? Something every first-year law student should know: The president has broad power in immigration matters when it comes time to protecting national security.
  3. On Wednesday, the court issued another 5-4 ruling that public sector unions can no longer force members to pay for political lobbying efforts. The headline on the story at NPR, which is heavily subsidized by government asked, “Is this the end of teachers’ unions?” One wonders why the question is asked. Are teachers’ unions there only to promote partisan politics? Apparently so, in NPR’s view.

These are milestone decisions all – the kind that should have been made decades ago. But they just happened thanks to one strong nomination to the court by President Trump.

This demonstrates elections really do have consequences. There’s been a momentum shift. And, Trump will get other opportunities in his first term to nominate other great justices.

Think about that when you cast your votes this midterm election for House and Senate candidates.

If Republicans should lose their majority in the Senate, where justices must be confirmed, the spate of positive, common-sense, constitutional rulings could end as quickly as it began.

Few Republican presidents of the recent past have made such wise choices as Trump did in nominating Neil Gorsuch. Even the best presidents sometimes misfire when it comes to judicial nominees. Trump, it should be noted, is one for one.

He showed remarkably good instincts and accepted wise counsel in his first major appointment. If he is re-elected in 2020, he could set the court in a new direction for a generation. But first things first. There’s an election this year that is very important. Trump’s agenda needs to be supported by maintaining control of both houses of Congress for him to be most effective – and to carry out policies that will set him up for a second term.

Trump is making a difference, indeed. But he needs the support of more Republicans, independents and Democrats who are awakening to the prosperity, peace and promises kept by this White House.

This administration has proven to be a game-changer, but we can’t assume this will be the case after he’s gone. Trump is a rare force of nature. We may never see his likeness again in our lifetimes. We need to make the most of this opportunity for our children and our grandchildren.

There’s enough bad news out there, today, with the vehement opposition to Trump. But that kind of bad news comes from desperation by radicals who have had their way too often in the last few decades. They’re desperate with good reason. Trump is doing what he said he would do. He’s getting it done fast. And he’s winning converts.

But this is no time for complacency.

We need to make the most of it.

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