time-trump-original-300WASHINGTON – While CNN did a story hailing the latest Time magazine cover as “powerful” for spreading the myth blaming President Trump for separating children from parents at the border, Twitter users have been producing their own alternate covers by the score.

“It’s a telling image,” the CNN report said. “It shows the compassion gap that exists between the Trump administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ border policy and the real-life people that are affected.”

The cover image on the original shows Trump towering over a little girls crying juxtaposed with these words: “Welcome to America.”

Alternate covers produced by Twitter users included an image with Hillary Clinton crying with these words: “Life is hard.”

Another cover used these words: “To fix the broken immigration problem that Obama left behind.”

“Everything the media did NOT tell you about this photo,” read another. Mother and daughter were never separated at any point. Mother kidnapped daughter from father. Mother was deported in 2013. They were not escaping violence. Allegedly paid smuggler to cross border.”




Other included these captions:

  • “My mommy took me from my daddy. I miss him so much. Now the media is lying about me and posting my picture everywhere. They’re using me for ratings.” Trump responds, “I’m sorry sweetheart but that’s what the media does. I know it all too well.”
  • Nancy Pelosi exclaiming “welcome to America” above a band of MS-13 gangsters.
  • •Trump towering over Hillary, Obama, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats saying: “Welcome to reality.”
  • Another with the words “More lies” over Time’s logo with this explanation below: “The child was never separated from her mother. Mother left her three other children and husband in Honduras, taking the child against his wishes. Mother wanted to live the American Dream. He has a good job in Honduras …”










Meanwhile, the CNN report concludes: “What we do know: Trump isn’t changing. You don’t just suddenly develop an empathy gene. And the Time cover is a stark reminder of how much empathy matters in a president.”

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