I really don’t think catastrophic climate change is for real – unless we’re talking about the political climate, the national discourse, the way politics in America is being waged like warfare, at least by one party.

How long has this been going on? Who started it? Can the country survive this?

Did it begin in the summer of 2017 with the shooting up of a baseball field full of Republican members of Congress by James T. Hodgkinson, a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the near death of Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana?

Or does it go further back – perhaps to the armed attack on the Family Research Council in the fall of 2013 when Floyd Corkins, inspired by the inciteful hate speech of the Southern Poverty Law Center, tried to kill every staffer at the organization’s Washington, D.C., headquarters only to be thwarted by a heroic unarmed security guard who was wounded in the incident.

Or perhaps its seeds were planted as far back as the presidential campaign of 2008, when candidate Barack Obama instructed his supporters in impassioned, fiery language to get in the face of his opponents by lying to them that their man actually supported the Second Amendment and wanted to lower taxes.

See Obama remarks:

Whatever the case, Donald Trump, his supporters, officials, staffers and Cabinet members are in the crosshairs of uncivil political warfare that is unprecedented in the modern history of America’s civil society and political discourse.

It’s thoroughly ugly, unbecoming of our national heritage and ideals. The demonic zealotry of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and their friends in the so-called “entertainment” industry, as I wrote about yesterday, is palpable, irresponsible beyond words and irrational.

Here’s my theory.

After Ronald Reagan left the White House, Republicans rarely fought back. They would sit there and take it as Democrats demeaned their basic humanity, claimed they were starving children, grabbing Social Security away from aged recipients, just waiting for Republicans to roll over in the face of pressure from the media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. The bullying generally worked – even when Republicans controlled the White House and Congress.

Then, along came Trump. He fought back. He fought on offense, too. He always had strong words for his opponents. Democrats were flabbergasted. They hadn’t seen anything like this for a long time. They just knew he would lose. When he won, they were in shock. They haven’t really awakened from that nightmare yet. So, they have upped the ante in unthinkable, unimaginable ways. The rhetoric and the tactics are borderline seditious and inflammatory in the extreme with no end in sight.

I suppose that is partly due to the fact that they have no real leaders, no real ideas to counter the force of nature Trump has seemingly become. The fact that all of their dire predictions about what would happen to the country under his leadership were 180-degrees wrong makes it even worse for them.

But, yes, the country can survive this. It may never be quite the same again, when one of the two political parties has descended to the depths of depravity, tastelessness, obscenity, vulgarity and incivility.

The real question is whether the Democratic Party will survive. I think this barbaric activity is a sign of hopelessness, despair and fear on their part. They look desperate indeed – not a good condition in a midterm election cycle in which they were once presumed to emerge victorious.

That is no longer self-evident, despite the historical trends of the past

Trump has turned the tables on them. He no longer has to respond in kind to their bellicosity. He can just sit back, tweet and watch Americans gasp in horror over the over-the-top reactionary idiocy of his political opposition in the deranged Democratic Party leadership and its devoted allies in the fake-news machine.

Still, I fear, someone is going to get hurt because of this perversity.

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