It’s time those who believe in abortion tell the truth and admit that they believe in murdering babies, because that’s what abortion is. People can try to rationalize that an abortion before the second or third month isn’t murdering a baby, but rather a lump of cells or whatever lie they need to tell to assuage their ignorance and/or their guilt; and in some cases it’s their attempt to show forth a reasonable compromise. But there is no compromise when it comes to death; there is only the finality of death consistent with the murder of innocent babies.

Assigning different names to the different development stages of the human life growing in a woman’s womb makes it no less a human life. And when you kill same you are committing murder regardless of what a court has said, regardless of what the baby-murdering doctors claim and no matter what the mothers who murder that human life form say. I use the assignation “mother” because I reject the idea that a woman must give birth to be a mother any more than a man must sire children to be a father. I refuse to participate in that grammatical game.

Baby murderers and those purchasing the services of the baby murderers can try to obfuscate and/or deny the truth, but if life didn’t take place at the very moment of conception – conception wouldn’t continue living until birth.

If life didn’t begin at the very moment of conception, after the spermatozoa fertilized the female ovum, gamete, egg or whatever one chooses to call it these days – it would take the work of a real-life Baron Von Frankenstein to bring life to the spermatozoa and female egg even one day later. The female egg and spermatozoa do not nor can they lay dormant for a period of time and then suddenly spring to life a month or two later.

The idea that ending the ability to murder the baby growing inside her womb would result in mothers flocking to back alleys and coat hangers is absurd and preposterous. It is a lie intended to cause an apoplectic reaction in the unthinking. Imagine, if you will, what the back alleys would like if there were even a modicum of truth to that ridiculous lie. Can you imagine driving by an alley seeing mothers lined up around the block waiting to have their baby murdered? Albeit, if one subscribes to the coat-hangers-as-abortion-tools idea, there could be an appreciable uptick in coat hanger sales and production. Sarcasm intended.

Rape-related pregnancies are the often-offered reason for a mother to have her baby murdered. According to a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, it is estimated that nearly 1.3 million American women are victims of rape or attempted rape each year. The same study found wide disparity with numbers estimated between 3,200 to 50,000 rape-related pregnancies nationwide. (See: “18 Profound Statistics of Rape Victims Getting Pregnant,”, April 2, 2015)

In 2017 the CDC reported that there were approximately 652,000 abortions between 2013 and 2014, a decrease of about 2 percent if the numbers are to be believed. Of that number it was determined that about 59 percent of all abortions in the U.S. were by women, i.e., mothers, in their 20s. (“Abortion Rates In U.S. Hit Historic Low, CDC Report Finds,” Sexual Health, Dec. 23, 2017)

It is not popular to say, but I argue that those numbers must be viewed with suspicion because they do not take into account the number of alleged pregnancies from “accusations” of rape. Nor do I view those numbers even if they are correct, and that is a huge if, as justification to provide for the wholesale murder of unborn babies just because they are unwanted and/or inconvenient.

I pause here to say I am no way unsympathetic to women who have truly been raped. Personally, I find the idea of rape a reprehensible act that if factually proven to have taken place deserving of the most severe punishment available, be the perpetrator male or female.

But, that isn’t the point I am making here. The idea I’m disparaging is that a mother can murder the child growing in her womb at any time simply because she doesn’t want him or her – including deciding to murder the unborn baby simply because the mother and father of the child break up.

It is also long past time for those who support the murder of innocent babies to admit that abortion is a murderous form of birth control. It supports the mentality that women and men can lead capricious lives of disregard without concern for the consequences because for a few dollars they can kill the result of their sexually obsessed and selfish lives.

What I am saying is certainly not popular and it will enrage many; but that doesn’t make what I am saying any less true.

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