Former President Jimmy Carter (video screenshot from HuffPostLive)

Former President Jimmy Carter (video screenshot from HuffPostLive)

Former President Jimmy Carter may have been one of the most politically left-leaning presidents of the 20th century, but the Democrat says Jesus would not approve of abortion in most circumstances.

“I have a hard time believing that Jesus, for instance, would approve abortions unless it was because of rape or incest or saving the mother’s life or some danger,” the 93-year-old said in an interview HuffPost Live.

Carter’s term in office from 1977-1981 began just four years after the U.S. Supreme Court gave the green light to legal abortions in America.

And the former commander in chief admits he has had personal difficulty dealing with the terminations of unborn children.

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“I have had a problem with abortion. This has been a longtime problem of mine,” Carter said. “My oath of office was to obey the Constitution and the laws of this country as interpreted by the Supreme Court, so I went along with that. But that’s been the only caveat.”

In 1976, Carter famously admitted in Playboy magazine to having “looked upon a lot of women with lust.”

“I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times,” he said. “This is something God recognizes I will do – and I have done it – and God forgives me for it.”

Now in 2018, the ex-president is invoking God again, suggesting Jesus would approve of and even encourage same-sex marriage.

“I believe he would,” Carter said, as long as it was “honest and sincere.”

“Everybody should have a right to get married, regardless of their sex. The only thing I would draw a line on, I wouldn’t be in favor of the government being able to force a local church, congregation to perform gay marriages if they didn’t want to.”

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