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Claim: Israel migration coded into Earth latitude


Jews have returned to Israel in ones, twos and multitudes ever since its creation.

Now a veteran investigative journalist is reporting a prophecy that another “return” is coming soon.

And this one apparently will be the last.

In fact, the forecast is that there will be no more exiles.

The details come from Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz at Breaking Israel News.

He interviewed Saul Kullook, who has developed a formula correlating the axis of the earth and the latitudes of Israel’s biblical borders to such events.

He immigrated to Israel in 1974 from his native Argentina and has since developed studies of the mathematical structures in the Hebrew Bible.

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“Remarkably, he discovered predefined timings for major physical events involving the people of Israel during the last 3,500 years which are correlated to physical events. Kullok is in the process of publishing his study,” the BIN report said.

One of his discoveries was a link between major events regarding the return of the Jewish people to Israel and two observable physical factors: “the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the biblical borders in Israel. ”

He said that while the formulas are a little complicated, it’s something else that scares off scientists.

“They fear the implications,” he told BIN. “It proves that God established a timetable in nature, that this is what determines the movement of the Earth and not just the known laws of nature.”

The formula he uses is: “The inclination of the planet on the year of the immigration plus the constant angular value equals the latitude of a border of Israel.”

“The formula means that if I know the latitude of the border, I subtract the constant angular value to obtain the mean inclination of the earth, from where the time at which this inclination took place gives the date of the event,” Kullook said. “Conversely, if I know the date, I can use the formula, insert the axial value and get the latitude of the border. This is an absolute correlation.”

The variables, he pointed out, are not under human control, which means “the timing of a significant number of biblical and historical events involving the migratory movements of the Israelites to and from the biblical land was, and will be predefined.”

For example, biblical and Talmudic sources put the Exodus at 1,476 B.C.

“This means that the Children of Israel came into the Land of Israel in 1,436 BCE, which according to my formula correlates with the latitude of Jericho, their entry point into the land,” Kullok said.

But Kullook said his formula isn’t just about the past, and the latitude of the southernmost point of the Arnon River corresponds to next year.

“The results show the year before an aliyah (immigration to Israel, literally ‘ascending’),” Kullok said. “This means that in two years, there will be an aliyah which, according to the calculations, will be the largest yet. Since it is the most southern latitude of all the borders of Israel, this is the final aliyah and there will be no more exiles.”