Dem candidate: I’m ‘supported by Jesus Christ’

By Joe Kovacs

Sandra Little Brown (Facebook)
Sandra Little Brown (Facebook)

An Alabama Democrat seeking re-election as county commissioner is claiming to have the backing of the Top Officeholder in the universe.

Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown has sent out campaign literature with sample ballots saying she is “supported by Jesus Christ and his followers.”

In a Facebook video, Brown tells staff and supporters:

“We pray before we go out and we do anything. That is a divine piece of material that went out from this campaign.”

“I’m not afraid to own Jesus anywhere. This campaign is built up on righteousness from the beginning to the end. … If anybody got any problem with that ballot, then they got to see Jesus.”

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Her opponent in Tuesday’s Democratic runoff in District 2 is Sheila Tyson, as both candidates ended last month’s primary in a virtual tie, collecting about 46 percent of the vote.

Tyson’s campaign manager, Michael Miller, told that Brown is trying to make herself sound more devout.

“Sandra Little Brown is trying to do anything she can to absolve herself of all the wrongdoing she has done over the last 8 years to the suffering and the poor of Jefferson County,” Miller said.

“Using Jesus’ name I guess would make her seem a little more religious, but Jesus wouldn’t make the poor people suffer like Sandra has.”

Flyer indicating Sandra Little Brown is supported by Jesus Christ (courtesy
Flyer indicating Sandra Little Brown is supported by Jesus Christ (courtesy

Brown told last week that her service as a county commissioner is part of God’s plan, noting she’s a Sunday-school teacher and deaconess at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Riley, Alabama.

“God has ordained me to this because I couldn’t do it without him,” she said.

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