(Washington Times) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a matter of weeks, has gone from being a little-known activist to a liberal sensation and highly sought-after national figure after riding a Bernie Sanders-inspired anti-establishment message to a stunning victory over Rep. Joe Crowley in New York City.

The 28-year-old self-identified socialist also has miffed some Democrats with her support of primary challengers to incumbents, her assertion that Mr. Crowley was scheming to keep his House seat, and her charge that the party must pursue a more aggressively left-wing agenda, which moderates fear could dent their chances of taking control of the House in the midterm elections.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory “seems likely to hurt Congress, America, and the Democratic Party” and urging Mr. Crowley to go all-in on a third party bid.

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