An online CNN article, and others, reports that DNA tests are being conducted at the Mexican border, apparently in order to help reunite families – how has this gone so wrong? There is mention of an official commenting “… parental verification and ensuring reunification with verified parents …” – what on earth does this mean?

Obviously this would never have happened if the children were never separated but it’s too late for that now. Was there any attempt to identify people when they arrived or even to give each person a number to be used for later identification? It’s very poor administration that has caused this problem.
Children over a certain age should be able to identify their parents and vice versa. Anybody under that age should not have been parted. They don’t all look the same.

What if we have a “Brady Bunch” – a blended family or adopted children or families with multiple closely related adults? This has the potential for some interesting family reunions.

Another Trump triumph?

Dennis Fitzgerald

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