Muslims rally in London

Muslims rally in London

The United Kingdom has been scorched in recent years with scandals about Muslim gangs grooming children for sexual abuse.

It’s developed in Rotherham, Telford and Newcastle, and has become not only a topic of national conservation but of international concern.

Now 20 members of Parliament have written to Home Secretary Sajid Havid asking for action on the program “to protect children and to bring offenders to justice.”

But Andrew Jones, a journalist based in Europe, says that’s horrible in a report at the Gatestone Institute.

Not that 20 members wrote about the problem, but that the other 630 didn’t.

“The 20 signatories constitute a mere 3 percent willing to support the protection of children subjected to gang-rape, trafficking and torture, and at times murder. Such a paltry number of politicians willing to speak out against child sexual slavery seems yet more evidence of the moral bankruptcy of Britain’s political elite and how low the country appears to have sunk,” he wrote.

The letter, asking for help in tackling the abuse by “organized grooming gangs in Britain,” points out that such exploitation was categorized “as a national threat in the Strategic Policing Requirement.”

Jones wrote: “A key signatory of the letter, Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, whose constituency was made infamous by grooming, was forced from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party front bench in 2017 for speaking openly about the prevalence of ‘British Pakistani men’ in this type of child sexual exploitation. Given that Sajid Javid, then Communities Secretary, spoke in support of Champion, it is perhaps intentional that this letter was addressed to him in his new role as Britain’s first Muslim Home Secretary.”

Javid’s title, the report explained, gives him an “untouchable position regarding accusations of racism or bigotry.”

The report suggested British authorities have the opportunity to at least begin making amends for failing defenseless children.

“Irreparable harm has been done to countless lives – and continues to be done. There is also the inestimable harm done to public trust in the police, the media, social services and the government,” Jones wrote.

He said the grooming scandals have been what shattered the belief by many in “the ill-conceived multiculturalism of modern Britain.”

“The second opportunity Javid could grasp is uprooting what is beginning to look alarmingly like a nationwide organized-crime network. The euphemistic term ‘grooming gang’ has been rejected by many for the earthier term ‘rape gang’; yet ‘gang’ gives the impression of sporadic and isolated activity, mainly perpetrated by lawless youths. The reality of this nationwide sexual exploitation is that it is evolving towards being a mafia-like ‘terrorist network’. Children are transported around the country to be abused in pre-arranged locations, and this trade interfaces with illicit drug dealing and other criminal activity. ‘Grooming’ would be better termed the ‘child sexual-slave trade,'” he wrote.

British authorities, consequently, effectively have become “accessories after the fact,” he charged.

“They could also be accused of breaking not only domestic law but international treaties regarding child protection, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography,” Jones said.


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