Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, lambasted Islamic countries in a meeting of the Security Council on the Middle East, urging them to put their money where their mouth is regarding the Palestinian problem.

Instead of providing relief aid and engaging in the peace process, as does the United States, the Arab and other Islamic states are inflaming the global community with lies and giving “speech after speech on the plight of the Palestinians,” she said Tuesday.

“No group of countries is more generous with their words than the Palestinians’ Arab neighbors and other [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] member states,” she said, the Algemeiner reported.

“But all of the words spoken here in New York do not feed, clothe or educate a single Palestinian child. All they do is get the international community riled up.”

She pointed to the paltry support from Islamic nations for the U.N. refugee agency dedicated to the Palestinians, UNRWA.

In 2017, for example, she said, the contribution of Iran, Algeria and Tunisia to UNRWA was “zero.”

Others gave very little, from Pakistan’s $20,000, to Turkey’s $6.7 million to the United Arab Emirates $12.8 million.

In contrast, Haley pointed out, the United States gave $364 million.

“That’s 10 times the combined amounts from every country I just named,” she said.

“And that’s on top of what the American people give annually to the Palestinians in bilateral assistance. That was another $300 million last year, and it averages to more than a quarter of a billion dollars every year since 1993.”

She also found the Arab nations missing in action in the peace process.

“Where are the Arab countries when it comes to encouraging reconciliation between Palestinian factions, which is essential to peace?” she asked.

“Where are the Arab countries when it comes to denouncing Hamas terrorism? Where are the Arab countries when it comes to supporting compromises that are necessary for peace?”

Haley charged that Palestinian leadership “has been allowed to live in a false reality for too long because Arab leaders are afraid to tell them the truth.”

She said the United States “is telling them the truth because we care about the Palestinian people.”

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