"Hanging with Trump" T-shirt

“Hanging with Trump” T-shirt

T-shirts that depict the president hanging by a noose made from his signature red tie are being advertised via Facebook and the social-media company’s subsidiary Instagram.

The shirts are part of new clothing line called “Hanging With Trump,” reports the Gateway Pundit blog.

An explanation on an Instagram page states: “Political Statement + Satire = Protected by Free Speech. We Donate For Every Shirt to support our women, children and elderly.”

The seller also is using the popular fundraising site Indie Go Go to raise cash and serve as a point of sale.

The Instagram page is still active, but the Facebook page has been removed since the Gateway Pundit’s report was published.

The shirts also are promoted in a video on the video-sharing site Vimeo.

new-yorker-trumpA post on Facebook says a portion of each sale goes to charities such as Planned Parenthood and the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

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At a hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill, Republican House members quizzed representatives of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter about their handling of controversial content, presenting evidence of censorship of conservative voices and asking how they should be held accountable for the content on their sites.

Meanwhile, the New Yorker magazine’s current cover is a cartoon depicting Trump lying flat on his face at the bottom of an escalator, apparently dead.

Mediaite reported Matt Drudge posted a rare tweet from his personal account Thursday morning accusing the left of wishing physical harm and even death on President Trump.

The New Yorker’s cover is a take on Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin, depicting him as metaphorically falling on his face during the Helsinki press conference Monday, where he was criticized for not confronting Putin publicly for Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections.

On his popular website, Drudge linked, along with the Mediaite story, a report of a crowd in Los Angeles attempting to shut down the grand opening of a new kosher coffee shop because of the owner’s support of Trump’s immigration policy.

"Hanging with Trump" T-Shirts advertised on Instragram

“Hanging with Trump” T-Shirts advertised on Instragram

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