You’ve been reading the headlines about the war Google, Facebook and the rest of the Internet Cartel have been waging against conservatives, Christians and independent media like WND.

Of course, I have been telling you about this since January of this year – candidly, openly, no holds barred, no sugar-coating.

We’ve seen our revenues plunge from $10 million in 2016, to $6 million in 2017, to what is expected to be about $4 million in 2018, if we’re lucky. This is a direct result of years of discrimination, bias, hatred, mischaracterizations, skewed algorithms designed to favor leftist, anti-God media and worldviews, which all of these corporations share. (If you doubt what I’m saying, consider that Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon all share a common denominator – they all proudly proclaim their formal association with the radical, extremist, left-wing smear merchants at the Southern Poverty Law Center to help them determine what represents bona fide hate-speech content.)

The war on independent media was only whispered about until the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Since then, unable to take down the president, these insidious and powerful communications gatekeepers have gone after those they at least partially blame for his victory. WND has been smack-dab in the crosshairs, and the pain we have been experiencing cannot be overstated.

The good news is we have an exciting and promising plan to take the fight directly to these monopolistic corporate titans. We have a good strategy not only for recovery from two years of misery and suffering, but for a rebirth, a resurrection, a future bigger, stronger and more effective than ever.

But we desperately need your financial support and your prayers right now. WND is the canary in the coalmine – the first independent online news organization. They are out to kill us, then the rest of our colleagues. It’s just that simple.

Think about the stakes: If independent media are gone in another year or two, there will be no one left to expose the horrors and injustices that everyone – every individual American citizen – will face under their new speech rules. There may never be another free and fair election in which the American people will hear another point of view.

WND has been forced to make radical expense cuts just to survive over the last year. Yet we continue to be mercilessly squeezed financially by the Internet Cartel, which controls 75 percent of the digital advertising market, the dominant search engine in the world (Google), the largest TV network (YouTube), a growing monopoly in online retail (Amazon) and which together comprises a totalitarian-like censorship machine unprecedented in world history. Without exaggeration or hyperbole, what they are building is a global Big Brother-like environment in which freedom of speech, the free press and freedom of religion will be only a quaint memory.

And don’t think the voices of dissent and liberty at Fox News are safe. Last week, Facebook execs in Beverly Hills were faced with catcalls from so-called journalists urging them to censor the largest cable TV new network in the country, too.

Fox News may not face an imminent threat to be muzzled by the Internet Cartel, but if WND and other independent media voices are extinguished, the day of reckoning will come even for the highly profitable No. 1 cable network.

Why? What do the Internet Cartel and the radical left “progressives” have to gain? What are their motivations? What is the endgame?

You’ve heard about speech codes on major American university campuses where students are protected from “offensive” ideas that might challenge them. Those who stand up for God, righteousness, basic morality, liberty, family, free enterprise, smaller government, borders, national sovereignty, the Constitution and the will of the people are called “haters,” “Nazis,” “fascists,” “racists” and worse. It’s scary enough to think about the next generation of Americans being indoctrinated like that. But those are the very same “values,” the very same mindset, the very same worldview at work in the boardrooms of the most powerful corporations controlling communications in America today. They talk about “tolerance,” but they have no tolerance for those with whom they disagree. They talk about “diversity,” but not when it comes to diversity of thought. They denounce “hate,” while actually embracing it against all opposition and political dissent.

Make no mistake about it: The Internet Cartel represents one of the most powerful and influential communications forces ever devised in the history of the world. It’s like the recreation of the Tower of Babel, only more pervasive, more organized and more evil in its intentions.

It needs to be knocked off its privileged pedestal from which it sets its warped rules for debate, dialogue and news dissemination.


  1. The highest priority is triage. WND desperately needs your help in the form of fervent prayer and urgent financial contributions to stabilize its position as the pioneer in independent news gathering. We’re in the midst of an existential battle for survival right now – just as other independent media are, with all of us facing seemingly insurmountable odds on the rigged playing field the Internet Cartel has created. Good people, dedicated media professionals, are suffering with pay cuts and late salary payments. Help us survive to keep up the fight! We need to raise a minimum of $100,000 in August to make ends meet.
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Please help us TODAY!

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