Ruth Bader Ginsburg sleeping during 2015 State of the Union

The Democrats committed a huge blunder by not having Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg retire while Barack Obama was president so her “liberal” seat could be filled by a younger liberal for years ago come.


Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday pointed out that the left now is counting on Ginsburg’s personal trainer and workout routine to keep her on the bench until Trump is out of office.

She’s already been known to doze off during oral arguments and long speeches, and she has been in the hospital several times in recent years.

She’s 85.

“They’re scared to death of the future of Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg has been in poor health. … And you don’t need my word to tell you, to convince you that they’re scared to death,” Limbaugh said.

The comments come as Democrats and other liberals are promising to fight the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He would replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy. Trump already has appointed Neil Gorsuch, and because of the age of several justices, it’s possible he could appoint another two or three.

“This is how bright they are. This is how strategically bright and formidable they are. If they had known what they were doing, they would have cajoled Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg into retiring while Obama was prexy so that he could name her appointment and have that seat guaranteed for the Democrats for the next 40 years,” Limbaugh said.

“But they calculated there was no way Hillary could lose. It didn’t even occur to them that Donald Trump would win. It never occurred to them that a Republican might have a chance to appoint the next couple of justices, or three. They assumed that that would be their exclusive right. And so they didn’t make any suggestion to Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg that she retire.

“Now where are they?” he asked.

He pointed out Ginsburg’s recent comment that the most important person in her life is her personal trainer.

If she leaves the bench, she could be replaced by a clone of the late Antonin Scalia, the justice Trump has held up as a model.

“They better not fall into this balance of the court business. That’s irrelevant. That’s another liberal construct. ‘Wait a minute. You can’t nominate a conservative to replace Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg. That would upset the balance.’ There is no balance of the court. The only balance in the law is the scales of justice. That’s what, I mean. There’s no political balance on the court. This needs to be nuked and done away with ASAP,” he said.

“Every conservative out there had better learn real quick, don’t fall for this business of be concerned with the balance of the court. There shouldn’t even be that characterization.”

Limbaugh said the reports of her personal trainer and routine are out there just to assure “leftist radicals.”

“I think they’re worried to death and I think they’re privately cursing Obama and Hillary for not having figured this out,” he said.

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