Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

The left is in a panic because they see the Russia-collusion investigation going down in flames and they are acting like “recent escapees from asylums” in their irrational hatred of the president.

So opines talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

It’s the “entirety of the U.S. media, Democratic Party, much of the Republican Party and the entire Washington establishment,” he said.

“I think when Rod Rosenstein went out and announced this indictment, and then admitted that no votes were affected by this Russian meddling – that the outcome of not a single election was affected by what these Russians are alleged to do in this indictment – it caused a panic to ripple throughout the deep state, throughout the Democrat Party and the media. I think it was seen as, ‘Oh, my God. Mueller doesn’t have the goods!’ …

“They’ve gone to bed every night and they’ve gotten up every morning believing that Mueller has the smoking gun – that Mueller, even if he doesn’t have it, that he’s going to say he does. Mueller has been the singular hope in which the deep state’s desire to get rid of Trump has been invested.”

But the indictment, he said, “Finds nothing.”

Then follows the president’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his comments about the Democrat email scandal and more, and the resulting explosion of criticism across the American media landscape. Among his comments is that Putin told him Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election, a contradiction to the FBI’s indictment claims on Friday.

“These people leveling these charges are a making it look like they are recent escapees from asylums and that they need to be sent back. We have heard people on MSNBC claim that what Trump did with Putin is akin to Hitler murdering Jews on Kristallnacht. It’s irrational to the point that it can’t be rationally explained,” Limbaugh said.

He said the Rosenstein announcement may actually signal the end of Mueller’s investigation.

“I think it was a cold shock to the system that Mueller doesn’t have anything, because there isn’t anything speaking of evidence of collusion — and then Mueller handed this case off to a division of the Justice Department where it’s never gonna be seen. This case has been tossed out. This case … Rosenstein announced that Mueller is sending this case to the counterintelligence investigative department in the justice department,” he said.

Then, in Helsinki, Trump brought up the Democrat server.

“That’s where the hacking took place, and that’s where the collusion took place. It’s all on the Democrat side. All of this is falling apart, and the chances that all these people are gonna be exposed is causing them to panic. I have very little doubt about that. In terms of everybody being so upset that Donald Trump didn’t speak down to a Russian?”

He warned that the Democratic Party in America “used to sleep overnight with Soviets and Russians. They used to be in bed with each other against Ronald Reagan. The idea that the Democrats are outraged that somebody would not treat Vladimir Putin as an enemy of America is just simply silly! It wasn’t that long ago where the Democrat Party hated the CIA, hated the intelligence community, and loved Soviet, and Cuban, and Chinese communists!”

The rhetoric against Trump is simply stunning, he said.

“Why is this unified, over-the-top, inexplicable, embarrassingly deranged — and these people do not know how embarrassing it is to watch them. They’re each trying to outdo the other. You’ll have a panel discussion on CNN with four people, including the so-called journalist host. And they’re all discussing the outrage that Trump would not defend his own intelligence people against Vladimir Putin.

“And they’re beside themselves. And each guest comes up with what he or she hopes will be an even crazier, more noticeable, outrageous allegation against Donald Trump and explanation for what’s going on. I have made it clear that in terms of Donald Trump, it is very rational for Donald Trump not to trust the intelligence community!” he said.

Just think, Limbaugh said, for two years sources inside the intel community “have been saying things to the media indicating that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election, and it’s only a matter of time before the evidence is forthcoming, for two years.”

“What rational human being would think he could trust these people? What rational human being would think he could trust Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strok, or any of that crowd; Nellie Ohr, her husband, Bruce Ohr. What rational person, the subject of a search-and-destroy campaign for two years, would then turn around and trust these people to have his best interests at heart?” he said.

“It is perfectly sensible for Donald Trump not to trust these people,” he said.

Limbaugh said the outrage and vile on the left was what Americans would have seen “no matter what had happened at that press conference (in Helsinki).”

“This is a panicked, childish, childlike reaction to you’ve had your heart set on something for two years or longer, and you know you’re gonna get it.”

But it falls apart.

“That’s, by the way, just my theory on the Mueller indictment and how it relates to the panic, the childlike behavior, the obvious conclusion that these people are all acting like they have really lost something or had something taken away from ’em,” he said.

Putin offered to make available to U.S. investigators the Russians indicted by Mueller’s team.

“And since Russia and the U.S. have an extradition treaty, Putin suggested that Mueller go through channels and ask to have them sent to the U.S.! Every bluff was called here, folks! Putin invites Mueller and his team over to actually interview the guys he indicted, then alludes to the possibility that Putin would send them to face trial,” he said.

“But then Putin and Trump pulled the pin out of the grenade and threw it right in the press corps. Vladimir Putin then said that America should help Russia investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder. You remember when that came up? Four hundred million. Putin said, ‘I don’t know. It might be legal. It might not,'” Limbaugh said.


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