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As Facebook continues to financially bleed with its massive meltdown, the top-rated radio talk-show host in America is now offering the social-media giant a way to help reverse its downslide and improve its reputation.

“I will meet with [Mark] Zuckerberg or anybody on the Facebook executive panel and explain conservatism to them,” Rush Limbaugh proffered on his national broadcast Thursday. “I know that Zuckerberg has had meetings with several so-called conservatives. But he hasn’t met with me, and I am offering right here.”

Limbaugh admits he’s not under any illusion Facebook would agree to sit down with him.

“They will not take me up on it. They will not even acknowledge that the offer has been made. I understand that. But it’s ridiculous. It is literally ridiculous to have an enterprise this big run by people who are so ignorant.”

In explaining why he believes the company is ignorant, Limbaugh noted, “They think that they’re screening out hate. They think they’re screening out racism and bigotry. They are practicing it! They are practicing hate, they are practicing prejudice, and they are practicing bigotry, and it’s catching up to ’em.”

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Limbaugh believes part of Facebook’s problem is the young age of many of their executives.

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“They don’t even look like they’re eating solid foods yet. They still look like they’re on the Gerbers. They’re simply not old enough to have lived long enough to have any significant life experiences.”

And it’s not just youth that’s a problem, in his opinion.

“They all are socialists, but they’ve never lived under it. They’re all socialists, but they’ve never visited a socialist country. They’re all socialists and they love it but they’ve never actually ever seen it. They’ve never actually had it properly taught to them. They have a totally skewed definition of what it is.”

Trying to leave all options open for the perceived anti-conservative viewpoint of Facebook, Limbaugh said, “Maybe they know exactly what conservatism is and they just hate it and don’t want any part of it.”

“I will still maintain they don’t know any conservatives. They couldn’t possibly! They couldn’t possibly have hung around any. They couldn’t possibly have gotten to know any. They couldn’t possibly have had any interaction with conservatives at all and have the opinion of conservatism that they do, and I don’t think they have. I think these people wall themselves off and not just Facebook, but everybody on the left does this. They hide behind walls. They build cocoons. They live in them and they do not interact with people who make ’em feel threatened or challenged or what have you.”

Limbaugh also said Facebook’s opposition to President Trump is a major factor in its demise.

“Facebook and Twitter were supposed to take down Donald Trump and the Republican Party,” he said. “Facebook and Twitter are just two in a long line of organizations that have failed to do so. The FBI leadership was trying to take down and was supposed to. Barack Obama and his intelligence community was supposed to take down Donald Trump and thus the Republican Party with him.

“The Department of Justice, certain people there, certain people at the FBI were supposed to take down Donald Trump and, with him, the Republican Party. They were supposed to deny Trump the Republican nomination. Then they were supposed to make sure that he did not win the presidency. After he won the presidency, they were supposed to then take him out and get rid of him within the first six months.

“Facebook and Twitter were also part of the cabal. I’m not saying they’re part of the conspiracy, but they were part of this giant group of leftists that were devoting everything they could to getting rid of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has survived everything they’ve thrown at him.”

Limbaugh concluded: “So whether it’s Facebook’s skewed news feeds where they claim they’re getting rid of fake news or whether it’s Twitter’s shadow banning, these social-media giants were on a mission with the American deep state to pick America’s winners and losers because that’s what the left considers power to be. You get to pick the winners and losers, not the American people.

“A funny thing happened on the way to the high-tech extermination of Trump and the right, both Twitter and Facebook were taken to the woodshed for past sins. Their algorithmic bigotry now has to take a backseat for the time being. Even at this, I’m willing to offer myself to help out Facebook.”

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