(Washington Times) Dossier writer Christopher Steele’s assertion that Moscow bankrolled its election hacking through laundered pension funds via Russian diplomats in Washington isn’t supported by two official U.S. reports.

Mr. Steele, whose anti-Trump work was financed with money from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, wrote of an elaborate money-skimming operation by the embassy and other consulates. A diplomat/spy in Washington, he said, was involved in laundering Russian veterans’ pensions to pay for hacking Democratic Party computers and stealing documents.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers on Friday offers what appears to be the first official report on how Moscow paid for the hacking. The indictment makes no mention of diplomats or pension funds. The indictment says the Russians used crypto, or digital, currencies to pay vendors for the use of servers and internet domains.

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