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Nations at war: The Republic of New York vs. the USA

“I suggest that America is really comprised of two antagonistic entities – the Republic of New York and the United States of America. Prior to the impact of television, the internet and the smartphone, the Republic was little more than a leftist abstraction composed of hippies, radicals, Greenwich Village intellectual poseurs and Marxist sympathizers. Today, however, I believe the Republic rules America and always gets its way even when most of the population (and voters) wants exactly the opposite.”

Kent G. Bailey, 2015

In 2005, I wrote an article entitled “The Supreme Battle: The Cultural Capital of New York versus the United States of America.” I asserted that New York City was the true capital of America and not Washington, D.C. Afterward, I thought I might have overstated the case until coming across Frank Rich’s earlier article on NYC as the “de facto” capital of America. Many others consider NYC to be the cultural, economic and political capital of the entire world – although some Londoners take issue with this notion.

My 2005 article was written following the announced retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor from the Supreme Court, and the great battle for the soul of America was on in full force. We can rattle on and on incessantly about economics, religion, politics, sex roles and whatever, but none of these factors, even collectively, can match the importance of the Supreme Court in defining and shaping the soul of our nation. The Supreme Court leads, and everything else follows. It is a cause and all else an effect.

The more-or-less conservative, literalist and traditional high court began to veer left when Earl Warren was appointed chief justice in 1953. Although a Republican, Warren’s forceful leadership led to numerous legal and cultural changes in application of the Constitution in everyday affairs. Some were clearly desirable (e.g., Brown v. Board of Education) while others resonated with the massive cultural changes of the 1960s. Warren’s court was one of change – change in law and its interpretation and subsequent and massive change in the American way of life.

Prior to the Warren Court, New York City was a great city and cultural marvel, but it was not the separate socialist, progressivist and Marxist entity it has morphed into since 1953. Thanks to one liberal Supreme Court after another over the years, NYC and its satellite research colony of California have had their way on every issue, and their “values” have ruled supreme.

Progressivists and Marxists are forever intoning “those are not our values” to all of us rifle-toting deplorables and God-loving conservatives. Their mysterious and never openly stated “values” are those of foreign countries and not those of traditional America. These are the implicit values of the New York Republic, which is itself a “foreign country” within a country.

With over 60 years of support from one liberal Supreme Court after another, the Republic has gained control over the judiciary, the academy, entertainment, the internet, the news media, and its grip on popular culture is complete. Even self-described conservatives, Republicans, traditionalists and Christians are awash with New York “values” that glorify “diversity,” “multiculturalism” and globalism. Any and all things godly, traditional, or nationalistic are decried as “evil,” and links between American’s present and historic past are obliterated. It is time for conservatives, Christians and those who love America to ask themselves: “How did we let this happen?”

The political right and center right – the backbone of the country – have sat back for decades and said nothing about the accelerating demise of the country’s longstanding cultural habits and values for fear of being called a “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe” or some other pejorative fabricated by the New York Republic. The religious right merely shrugged as we went from a Christian country to a secular, city-loving and pornography-loving “pagan kingdom.”

So-called conservative politicians quietly joined in the cultural death march like everyone else and feigned ignorance about the leftward takeover of the country. They knew that the Alinsky-bred pit bulls of the Republic would make their lives miserable and possibly ruin them. Why look for trouble? Just play dumb. All there was to lose was America as we know it.

There never was a “culture war,” for the intellectuals and warriors of the right simply looked the other way as the enemy marched into town and occupied the country. Both sides must fight for there to be a war, and everyone simply watched sports on TV, played video games and hooked up on campuses while the enemy instituted “change” in every nook and cranny of our beloved America. As long as the Republic let us keep our Quality of Life more-or-less intact, we conspired to accept the occupation and look the other way.

Psychology tells us that people are far more upset about losing something they already have than by failing to gain something in the first place. We see why the Democrats and the left are so filled with overwhelming disappointment and implacable rage following Trump’s amazing and unexpected victory in the 2016 election. They were right on the cusp of a thorough and complete victory where they went from occupying force to ownership of the land; they were just moments away from an America in their own image governed by New York “values” and cultural habits.

Then in strode a tall, incredibly smart, aggressive, capable and proven-by-fire man of the world who was unimpressed by their “values,” their pretensions, their bluster, intimidation and insults, and their claims to ownership of America. How can this be? As a woman, Hillary Clinton deserved to president, or more aptly, “queen of America,” for no list of accomplishments is required for the latter. Moreover, she would be fully manageable by the Republic and would dance to their tune. Everything was perfect. The victory was complete. Except for him.

Trump ruined everything, and the radical left wants him to die – by beheading, if possible. Not only that, but they hate, ridicule and assault his wife and family, his friends and political allies, and let’s not forget his “deplorable voters” and MAGA fans in this country and around the world. The Republic and its Marxist minions are the true crazies, the true haters and the true enemies of traditional America. They are the ones who bash, burn, attack, harass and destroy. Ultimately, I believe, as they continue to lose and fail to adjust to rightward change, they will direct their monumental reserves of anger and pathology toward themselves. Indeed, where does the Republic and Democratic Party go from here?

Now, to the final and catastrophic nail in the coffin of the far left: President Trump just named Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Along with Neil Gorsuch, Kavanaugh will guarantee a conservative majority on the court for decades to come. Since the ’60s the Supreme Court has been the defining force behind the meteoric rise of the New York Republic and its catastrophic politics of leftward “change,” but with Kavanaugh’s appointment all hopes of owning America are dashed for decades.