Screenshot taken from the pro-abortion video game "Doom Fetito" from their Facebook page. Photo from

Screenshot taken from the pro-abortion video game “Doom Fetito” from their Facebook page. Photo from

Above black birds ascending,
My baby’s flesh a-rending,
And all the world attending.
Sleep, little baby, sleep.
– Turkish folksong, “Incili Bebek Ninnisi”

Aggression against families and infants is soaring in groups battling for abortion “rights,” but Argentine pro-aborts recently surpassed them all. Producing a crudely made video game, “Doom Fetito,” players must furiously battle police, priests and pro-life groups. For this noble skirmish to end victoriously, a little floating fetus known as “The Boss” must be gunned down.

According to, Argentina is now considering legislation to legalize abortion on demand. We must have inspired them. Currently Argentina prohibits unborn babies from being aborted except for cases “involving rape, severe disabilities or threats” to the health of the mother.

This is Western imperialism at its worst. Or is it Eastern? Traditional Argentine culture is something it clearly is not. With 87 percent of the country claiming to be some form of Christian, the majority are a very pro-life Catholic.

Aspects of imagery and art are central in this story, as the developer of the game, Florencia Rumpel, claims to be “inspired to mock Argentina’s pro-life movement” after she saw pictures of a huge (20-foot) cardboard baby used in pro-life rallies. Doubtless, she was moved – to shoot it or something. Rumpel indignantly insisted in the site Kotaku: “What these anti-rights people were doing was plain ridiculous, and someone had to point that out.”

Infuriating 20-foot cardboard fetus, which Florencia Rumpel claims propelled her to make “Doom Fetito.”
Photo: Twitter post from Diego Iglesias

“Doom Fetito” is loosely based on a first-person shooter video game named “Doom” which has been around since 1993. “Fetito” means “fetid, stinking or foul” in Spanish and “little girl” in Romanian. Take your pick. In the 2016 version of “Doom,” players assume the role of a space marine and battle demonic forces from Hell on Mars. One of its features is a maneuver known as “glory kills.” This takes place is what look to be a Roman-type arena, or a cement shooting range.

Screenshot taken from the pro-abortion video game "Doom Fetito" from their Facebook page

Screenshot taken from the pro-abortion video game “Doom Fetito” from their Facebook page

Since “Doom Fetito” is amateurish and poorly done, it’s likely to gain few fans. But George Soros (or someone of that ilk) could always send a million or two for improvements. The fact that such concepts are now publicly circulated is astonishing. The dark recesses of these creatures’ minds are also baffling.

Support for abortion has made contemporary women as mad as Medea from the Greek legend, who in a jealous rage killed her husband Jason, and her children by him, after he deserted her. This was considered a tragedy for millennia, not political activism. Unsurprisingly, Medea has become a heroine and icon to many feminists since the 19th century. Killing your kids is just collateral damage. Feminine power and control are always stressed in pro-abort rationalizing and narrative. It’s the glittering prize that is always lifted just out of reach by other feminists, regardless the levels attained.

Consider that the left (such as the creators of this “game”) are theoretically opposed to guns and violence. That is generally their ploy, anyway. Digitized slaughter in these rehearsals requires that intelligence and reasoning be entirely buried. Consider also that shooting a fetus requires the mother to necessarily die as well. In a craze to kill, these activists fail to note that the aggravating blob of tissue identified as “fetus” needs to be shot, not merely removed. If our clump of cells is not a separate life, why does it require a separate death?

When evil Boss-Baby is defeated in “Doom Fetito,” players see this message: “You defeated fetito! Give this misoprostol to those in need so they might defeat it, too!” Misoprostol (Cytotec) induces abortion in up to 88 percent of pregnancies at eight weeks. Later, it could be dangerous and requires medical assistance or other drugs to work properly. Abortion-inducing drugs of this type may be easy to obtain at pharmacies if Argentina passes this pro-abortion bill on Aug. 8.

Read about the odious history and current aggression of gay militants, as well as how to defend yourself from them, in Marisa Martin’s eBook, “Bitter Rainbows: Pederasts, Politics, and Hate Speech” on Amazon. Print version coming soon.

Abortion on demand up to the 14th week of pregnancy would be legalized as well with this legislation. In some situations, infants can be slain well past a viable state – up to the ninth month. Just as Roe v. Wade opened a cascade of anti-life legislation, this Argentine bill could also remove requirements for parental approval of abortions and birth control for teens.

Infanticide and abortion are ancient practices, as our literature records. Even some lullabies are dark and threatening, such as this gem from Iceland: “Sleep, you black-eyed pig. Fall into a deep pit of ghosts.” But Christianity put a damper on them and eventually outlawed them in most Biblically influenced cultures. Court decisions in the West, such as Roe v. Wade, resurrected all types of monsters related to pagan fear of death and dark forces which must be pacified – principally with sacrificed children.

Hitherto unimaginable hatred and bitterness is expressed toward unplanned or unwanted pregnancies in Argentina. In response to what may be a genuine lack of help for poor women (who are often victims of rape or violence), there is a vigorous counter-movement to provide services. One of these is the pro-life group “Villero Priests,” which acts to protect the unborn and mothers. Recently they announced the opening of new homes for adolescent and single women in difficult straits. They call these the “Home of the Maternal Hug.”

Although this will help on an individual level, it is not likely to end the hatred of the young harpies who created this game. This prediction is based on the never-ending bloodlust of American and European women who have at their hands the means of killing an endless stream of children at almost any point.

But it was never enough. For them, it never will be.


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