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Political nastiness: Sadly, nothing new

I’ve been concerned that the current climate of division and nastiness is the result of President Trump’s tweets. He certainly has had taken to Twitter and blamed Hillary Clinton for so many things. It has allowed people to say things to each other that would never be OK in a modern society.

Some examples include:

One of our reporters was attacked after President Trump made the announcement of his pick for the Supreme Court. Our reporter asked someone on the front of the Court about Roe v. Wade. She had not heard of the case and then attacked him. She had no knowledge of what Roe v. Wade was, but was protesting none the less.

I have attributed this divide and nastiness to President Trump. It was President Trump, after all, who gave the term “fake news” that, in my view, allow reporters to be attacked. I blame much of what we have seen and heard lately on the chief of our country, because he’s the one who sets the tone.

However, as someone who adheres to my mother’s words that there are three phases in life – accumulation, stabilization and de-accumulation – I have begun as an older adult to de-accumulate. I have begun going through the papers and objects I’ve been saving for years. I discovered a treasure trove of materials, as well as nasty things from both sides of the aisle I’d saved.

Things from the past – nasty things – came roaring back as I sorted through my old stuff. For instance:

These were not nice things, to say the least.

So … as much as this liberal would like to hang the nasty atmosphere of today’s political climate and its effects on human interaction on President Trump, I have to look at history. The negative climate has been around a very long time. Should the president do more and set an example for getting along? I think so; but let’s face it, political nastiness has been around for decades.

We all have to stop it. It gets us nowhere – as years of political nastiness have shown us.