(STUDY FINDS) — Nightmares can often times be so vivid that they rattle us to the bone, even after waking up and realizing it was just a bad dream. But when we find ourselves having the same bad dreams over and over again, is it a sign of something more? A recent study finds that recurring nightmares may occur more often when we’re facing challenges, particularly those related to work or relationships, in real life.

Dream theory has always fascinated and baffled neurologists and other scientists who study the brain. While theorists and scientists like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud made huge strides in dream theory, we still don’t know why we dream.

Now, University of Cardiff researcher Netta Weinstein, lead author of this latest study, found that people who report struggles with psychological needs for autonomy, feeling competent, or relatedness also report more recurring nightmares and are more likely to negatively interpret their dreams.

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