Steve Bannon lectures May 23, 2018, in Budapest, Hungary (Wikimedia Commons)

Steve Bannon lectures May 23, 2018, in Budapest, Hungary (Wikimedia Commons)

Former President Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is taking his anti-establishment political activism across the Atlantic to battle the European Union.

Along with Raheem Kassam, a former chief aide to British anti-EU leader Nigel Farage, Bannon has created a Brussels-based political organization intended to undermine and ultimately paralyze the EU, he told Reuters.

Kassam said The Movement is “our clearing house for the populist, nationalist movement in Europe.”

“We’re focusing attention on assisting individuals or groups concerned with the matters of sovereignty, border control, jobs, amongst other things,” he told Reuters.

“We decided to headquarter out of Brussels because it is the heart of the European Union — the most pernicious force against nation state democracy in the West today.”

Kassam said The Movement is already “a structured foundation with a significant annual budget and we have started to staff up.”

In London last week, Bannon described the new organization as a “populist project” aimed at touching off a “tectonic plate shift in Europe.”

Kassam said next year’s European parliamentary elections will be a major test for both “Eurosceptics,” opponents of the EU, and reformers.

He said The Movement “is where those two causes dovetail.”

“The political establishment has worked with the assistance of innumerable NGOs for decades, one hand washing the other,” he said.

“We felt like it was time there was an organization on the side of ordinary people, instead of the vested, big business lobbying interests in Europe.”

Bannon said he left the White House last August because the Trump administration “needed a wingman outside” and he vowed to help elect allies of President Trump to the Senate.

In an interview last week with CNBC, Bannon said his message is still heard within the White House, explaining he is in contact with administration officials and implying he speaks with the president through lawyers.

He said he will never return to the White House, declaring, “I hated every second of it.”

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