“Vote for us! We’ll help you trash the country!”

Now that’s a winning slogan, if ever I heard one! And here’s another: “No, no, no! I won’t … waaaaaaaaaaaa!”

If you want to make socialism in Venezuela look good, just vote for the Democrats here in America at the midterm elections. That will put Nancy “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” Pelosi in charge of the House. Maybe promote Maxine Waters to the Senate.

In reality, we don’t need to look to Venezuela to see what our own party of 2-year-olds would make of America. Just look at our once-great cities. San Francisco, a part of our nation’s high-tech hub, is a cesspool of discarded condoms and needles.

Seattle, home to Microsoft, Amazon and others, fancies itself as the Emerald San Francisco of the great Northwest. Sorry, Seattle. That green glow is just your toxic human waste, nuclearized by the insane policies of perpetual Democratic rule.

Chicago – ah, a solid foundation built upon Democratic political corruption, where everybody from the dogcatcher on upward to the mayor’s pals knows exactly whom to thank for his job – if she even shows up to work. Solid Democrat policies have kept that once-great city free of any concept of personal responsibility. Perhaps that is why Chicago is always a contender for the murder capital of America. Soon it will also be a proud host of the Obama Fake Presidential Library.

Philadelphia, once known as the City of Brotherly Love, isn’t. There, they love only Democrats. And Democrats love the city and the money they can steal from the city. Some comments explaining the loss are here.

Finally, let’s not forget the District of Corruption, home to our nation’s Capitol and government. What a testimony to diversity: Ninety percent of the voters in 2016 voted their allegiance to Hillary Clinton. Maybe they were afraid to vote for anyone else.

Of course, not all cities are run by Democrats. Of the 50 largest, Wikipedia shows 33 run by a Democrat, 14 by a Republican and three by an Independent. Here is the list.

Here are the top five worst-run cities in the U.S. If you guessed Chicago, New York City, Reno, St. Louis and Philadelphia, you were correct. (Reno’s mayorship is nonpartisan, but Hillary Schieve was heavily funded by the Democratic Party.) Here’s a review of America’s most dangerous cities.

What does a government of 2-year-olds look like on a national scale? Venezuela. Page down to “Economy” and have a quick read. Here are a few highlights:

  • “Venezuela has the weakest property rights in the world, scoring only 5 on a scale of 100; expropriation without compensation is not uncommon.” If you build it, they will take it.
  • “More than 60 percent of Venezuela’s international reserves is in gold, eight times more than the average for the region. … On Nov. 25, 2011, the first of $11 billion of repatriated gold bullion arrived in Caracas; [ex-President Hugo] Chávez called the repatriation of gold a ‘sovereign’ step that will help protect the country’s foreign reserves from the turmoil in the U.S. and Europe. However, government policies quickly spent down this returned gold, and in 2013 the government was forced to add the dollar reserves of state-owned companies to those of the national bank in order to reassure the international bond market.”
  • “The 1980s oil glut led to an external debt crisis and a long-running economic crisis, which saw inflation peak at 100 percent in 1996 and poverty rates rise to 66 percent in 1995 as (by 1998) per capita GDP fell to the same level as 1963, down a third from its 1978 peak.”

We were all 2-year-olds once. The essence of being human, however, is growing up. How are more 2-year-olds dropped into the government sandbox, left to bash each other with the levers of power, going to improve life for the rest of us?

Earth’s Final Kingdom. Coming soon to a world near you.

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