Who infused the Democratic Party with all of their high-virtue values of today? Who galvanized them into a steely-eyed fraternity of courageous high-minded political warriors who love, honor and cherish democracy and despise any and all dictators of every kind? Who force-fed such wonderful political attributes smack-dab all the way through the Democratic Party’s DNA?

Was it Franklin D. Roosevelt? No. Was it John F. Kennedy? No. Well, who was it, then?

It was Vladimir Putin!

And remember, we said these were the Democratic Party’s values of today, not necessarily tomorrow and definitely not yesterday. And maybe not even into the news cycle later on this evening, once those Democrats realize they’ve squandered a big opportunity to damage President Trump, by doing nothing and overdoing everything.

The transparency was the most painful part. It became so obvious to the Democrats that they became instant political “holy men” when Trump showed them his jaw begging for a knockout punch when he appeared to take Putin’s word over that of his own intelligence establishment that Russia had not meddled in America’s vote-casting or vote-counting.

Democrats had a little fun with Trump’s discomfort. Trump’s supporters had a lot of fun when leading Democrats tumbled over the falls in a broken barrel by equating Trump’s performance with 9/11, with Kristallnacht, even with the entire Holocaust!

Hello, Dems. Remind me, how many innocent people died because of President Trump’s mis-statement in Helsinki? The Democrats love their fight song, “We Shall Overcome.” The Republicans ought to come roaring back with their own song, this one entitled, “They Shall Overreach.”

Who among us can forget that startling moment that broke upon us like political science-fiction when President Obama thought a microphone was safely turned off – but it wasn’t, and the whole world was treated to the spectacle of Obama apologizing to President Medvedev for moving so slowly, and promising he’d be “more flexible” after the 2012 election? President Medvedev seemed as startled as we were.

We who have instinctively mastered the political art of opposing a president without wishing the failure of America expected a huge uproar, outcry, something to match the outrage of the moment. Sorry. Nothing. Our oh-so-wise masters of the media didn’t say pea-turkey about it. They laughed it off! But when they laid a collusion rap on President Trump, a microscopic speck from his Helsinki remarks was compared to 9/11 and the Holocaust! It was eerie, as though some witch had found a way to shut up Mother Nature by letting the lightning rage with zero thunder to follow!

I have honestly and earnestly tried to think of one single dictatorial thug regime the Obama regime did not recognize, support, praise, deal with and embrace, with catastrophic results for human rights. Let’s see – Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Hamas, Saudi Arabia! Is there one single thug-ocracy that pre-Trump presidents haven’t cossetted and mollycoddled? Maybe Mugabe in Zimbabwe? I’m afraid to look it up. [Note: My tireless editorial assistant, Stu Tarlowe, reminds me that Robert Mugabe is among Barack Obama’s heroes and role models.]

That’s why it was so breathtakingly psychedelic hearing Sen. Chuck Schumer, for instance, lash out angrily against Trump. And for what crime? For appearing to give thug Putin the benefit of a doubt over our intelligence community!

Still, it felt nice hearing top Democrats at least pretend to side with democracies for a while. And how long will that “while” last? Until the Democrats realize that their out-of-body experience in favor of freedom and democracy has utterly failed to hurt President Trump!

All together now, Team. Let’s start with the first stanza of “They Shall Over-Reach”!

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