President Trump Monday trolled the trolls, tweeting a video that shows images and words of lefties saying he never will be president.

For example, there was President Obama saying, “Mr. Trump will not be president.”

And then-Sen. Harry Reid, “Trump will never be elected president of the United States.”

The tweet (Be aware of extensive foul language near the conclusion of the video as people realized Donald Trump would):

The president’s comment?

“They just didn’t get it, but they do now!”

This is “MASTER” level trolling, said a post on the Twitter newssite Twitchy.

“Have you seen the latest video-montage President Trump shared on Twitter? If not, we suggest you put away anything you might be drinking so you don’t do a spit take when you watch it because OMG LOL.”



“EPIC,” the Twitchy post said.

The response from the left, cited by Twitchy, included claims that the Russians helped Trump and FBI Director James Comey helped Trump “so the question will always be … did he really win???”

Explained Twitchy, “They still can’t accept that Hillary just that awful. Heck, there are rumors they may run her AGAIN in 2020.

“Please, DNC, run her again,” the post pleaded.

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