As reported in WND earlier this year, the city of Stockton, California – once nicknamed “America’s foreclosure capital,” has become the first U.S. city to introduce Universal Basic Income (UBI). This “experiment,” as it is being called in the press, will involve Stockton gifting 100 residents $500 a month for 18 months.

As reported by CNN, “The nontraditional system for distributing wealth guarantees that citizens receive a regular sum of money. The goal is to create an income floor no one will fall beneath.”

How cavalierly such media outlets convey information that makes the skin of informed citizens crawl. And yes – CNN most assuredly ought to have said “redistributing wealth.”

It was also recently announced that the city of Chicago could shortly become the largest municipality to test a Universal Basic Income program, with a bill that already has the backing of most city lawmakers, as well as the odious political gangster and Barack Obama crony Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

This horribly imprudent, socialistic concept (UBI) has the support of certain Silicon Valley leaders, whose massive wealth will never be significantly affected by the widespread implementation of such policies. These include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson. Former President Obama also usurped some media spotlight earlier this week, touting UBI whilst delivering a speech in South Africa.

So, the game is definitely afoot.

Pointing to more than 10 years of a depressed economy from which many Americans have not yet recovered, proponents of UBI cite all of the good that getting a government check could do for so many people. The aforementioned tech giants advocating for UBI claim that it could be a way to reduce poverty (I swear I am not making this up) and mitigate the job disruption brought about by automation.

This is utter rubbish, of course; while spikes in unemployment have arisen throughout our history amidst the advent of new technologies, there were never entire movements dedicated to throwing public money at the affected as a remedy.

Par for the course: Like so many past justifications for doling out government checks, there has been scant discussion amongst UBI’s proponents regarding where this cash is really going to come from. As has no doubt become evident to the reader by now, Universal Basic Income isn’t income at all – it’s welfare, and it will be funded by working taxpayers rather than its mega-rich proponents or leftist politicos. It means more dependency and more Americans beholden to the political left for their subsistence.

Furthermore, thanks to the institutionalized ignorance regarding simple economics that’s been inculcated into Americans, more than a few will readily buy into the notion that such entitlements are due them, and that if we just soak enough of our wealthy citizens, there’ll be more than enough to go around.

But it never works that way, and informed people know this. So do the power players on the left.

Speaking to the depression of the last decade, there are not-so-subtle tells in the timing of advancing the UBI agenda as well. Since Universal Basic Income programs are being touted and implemented by dedicated lefties in enclaves of left-wing politics, it stands to reason that at least part of this ploy has to do with appealing to the economically disenfranchised and entitlement-minded with a midterm election on the horizon and with minimizing the economic achievements of President Trump.

While those on the left – the press in particular – have established that there’s no lie too big to tell, they know that it will probably be difficult to gain wide acceptance for UBI in an economy that’s bouncing back. Hence the argument vis-à-vis ameliorating the effects of automation.

Why didn’t these proponents of UBI queue up to sing its praises over the decade Americans were losing jobs, businesses and homes, and being forced onto public assistance due to the policies and political machinations of the two previous administrations? Because the political fallout would have rained down squarely onto the roof of the White House during Obama’s occupation thereof, and they simply couldn’t have anything sully the ostensible achievements or legacy of America’s precious First Black President.

The bottom line is the same as it was with Obamacare, and every other massive wealth-redistribution policy the left has put forth: If they believe they can convince enough of the misinformed, the indolent and the mouth-breathing that Universal Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, they will most certainly make every effort to do so.

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