For Christians who understand the significance of Israel to their faith, 2018 represents a historic landmark opportunity to visit the Jewish state.

  • It’s the 70th anniversary of the Jewish state’s resurrection from the dead, the only nation in the history of the world to be revived in language, culture and real estate after nearly 2,000 years.
  • It’s the year the U.S. moved its embassy to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, after decades of talking about it.
  • Polls in the U.S. this year show evangelical Christians and Republicans are more supportive of Israel than are American Jews.

The land of Israel is the land of the Bible. It’s the land of Jesus, the most famous Jew in history. It’s where He walked in the first century, where He was crucified and where He rose. It’s also where He will return as King of Kings, according to Scripture.


“For followers of Jesus, Israel is not just the past,” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND and author of “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.” “It’s about the present and the future. Personally, I can’t understand why every Christian is not eager to visit and see this miracle first-hand, to walk where Jesus walked, to see the Bible come alive and to walk where Jesus will walk again.”

Farah will lead a tour this November with his wife, Elizabeth, as he has the last five years, but he says this year may be the most special time – historically, archaeologically, politically and spiritually.

“Things are happening so fast now in Israel,” he says. “The Bible is being confirmed as history in excavations of ruins on a daily basis. The nation itself is growing and prospering just as the prophets foretold. One can simply not fully appreciate all this nation represents to our faith without seeing it, hearing its sounds, touching it and feeling it, taking in the aromas and tasting of its delicacies. I live for sharing this unique experience with fellow believers to encourage and embolden their faith.”


But time is running out for this November tour. Registrations will close this month. So, if you want to see the new U.S. Embassy the year it opened, if you want to visit Israel during its 70th anniversary year and if you want to show your love of the Holy Land, experiencing its miraculous restoration with the Farahs through their unique ministry, time is short. You need to act quickly.

This year, the tour will take in a new archaeological site – the excavation of recently discovered Sodom and nearby Gomorrah in the southern plain of the Jordan Valley.

“This will be my first time seeing Sodom and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to cross into Jordan and see it on the northeast side of the Dead Sea,” says Farah. “I believe this is the real deal. Think about the discovery of a 4,000-year-old city described in the Bible at the time of Abraham. And, while we’re there, we’ll also drive to see nearby Petra, the spectacular, mysterious ancient city carved out of bedrock.”


There will also be an opportunity to be baptized or re-baptized in the Jordan River, to sail on the Sea of Galilee as Jesus did, to visit biblical towns like Capernaum and Magdala and, of course, spend several days experiencing the sights and sounds of Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital.

“We need to hear from you,” says Farah, “because airfares need to be booked, hotel accommodations need to be secured and plans finalized. So please call my dear friends at Coral Tours today (866) 267-2511) and make plans for the trip of a lifetime, one that will enhance your faith like no other you will ever take.”

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