Well, this is interesting. Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped his “bombshell” D.C. Grand Jury indictment via Rod Rosenstein, his DOJ boss (remember, Sessions is recused). Mueller is indicting 12 more Russians for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s computers, impersonating Guciffer 2.0, a computer hacker, and stealing Democratic voter info from the Clinton campaign.

The indictment is 24 pages long. The only thing it leaves out is how the Trump campaign conspired with these Russians to steal the election from “she who must not lose or we will all die!”

Funny though; that was specifically the reason Mueller was appointed. Of course the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans, the Pakistanis, India and probably Israel and a few others stuck their noses into our election. Nations worldwide have a lot to gain or lose, depending upon who is elected. How are their actions “collusion” with one or the other candidate’s campaign? Are illegals who are Mexican citizens and vote here “colluding” with Mexico? Or are they illegally pursuing their own best interests by voting Democrat so they get more goodies?

What the indictment is evidence that the Deep State and their puppet masters have deeply held convictions that they, not a duly elected Congress and president, should be running America and arranging its relationships with other nations around the world. I wonder why?

Far more interesting than the collusion-free indictment issued by Mueller and flashed-mobbed to the press by Rosenstein is the timing. To refresh our collective memories, since some Americans can’t bear to view the naked corruption of our public “servants,” this was the week Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was going to singlehandedly save the world from a Trumpian presidency, testified to Congress, on Thursday. He argued that his biases (for which he was fired by Mueller) would never affect his decisions about a case he was investigating. Of course not, Peter. We understand. Most liars eventually convince themselves they are the ones telling the truth, and everyone else is the liar.

It’s time for America to acknowledge that a lot of blood has been spilled and treasure stolen from this nation to enable a multitude of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to live the life they feel themselves entitled to, financing it by stealing from the rest of the nation outside of Washington, D.C., which is filled with the very Americans they now openly despise. Wars must be very good business … if you’re not the one dying in them.

Watch out! As this realization sweeps through middle America, Washington may just become a walled city. That’s how they view themselves, anyway. When their money and corruption are exposed – their wars, armaments, drug cartels, military technology sales, Uranium One and the fortunes made by organizations “looking after” illegal immigrants, then the welfare panacea to illegals, the remittances to their home countries and the rest of the elites’ schemes to bleed America’s citizens of the fruit of their hard work – the stage will be set! Their money will be confiscated, their travel cut off, and they may well beg for the security of Gitmo before this is over.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Volume IV

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