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8 of 9 reviews 5-star for 'Gospel in Every Book'

WASHINGTON – With the hardcover release of what is being called a “breakthrough Bible book” still weeks away, Joseph Farah’s “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament” has garnered 5-star reviews at Amazon by eight of nine reviewers.

Five stars represent the highest rating reviews at Amazon can choose.

The book, which finds the redemptive and restorative “Good News” message in all 39 books of the original Hebrew Scriptures, is currently available only in e-book form but will release in hardcover next month. It has also been endorsed by dozens of Christian scholars, leaders, pastors and luminaries including Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Jack Van Impe, Eric Metaxas, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr, Karl Payne, Michael Farris, Greg Laurie and Ray Comfort.

One top 100 Amazon reviewer had this to say: “In the book Mr. Farah quotes a lot of scripture and I found that satisfying. Mr. Farah’s thoughts are never the central focus of the book but rather the threads which connect and amplify the gospel message as he takes you on a unique guided tour of the Old Testament. This is a layman’s book, not because it doesn’t have intellectual muscle but because Mr. Farah lets the biblical authors do the heavy lifting. From the outset you get a sense of humility and purpose bolstered by an unmistakable sense of wonder and awe. In closing, Joseph Farah’s exploration of ‘The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament’ is a tour de force in Yahweh’s ‘good news’ — His redemptive plan for mankind. A plan which didn’t end at Calvary, but promises a glorious future for mankind when our redeemer returns to reign from the throne of David in Jerusalem.”

Another reviewer wrote: “This book brings out and clarifies the Gospel message that Yeshua (Jesus) said must necessarily be preached as a witness to all nations just before He returns.”

“Best book ever – putting it all together,” wrote another.

“Am teaching Leviticus. A good reference,” another posted.

“When many people write books about the Bible, they often use way too much of their own opinion, and not enough of Holy Scripture,” wrote another. “This book is very different in a good way, because it shows you in a very easy, step-by-step fashion the many verses from each book of the Old Testament that demonstrate the Good News of God’s glorious plan. I love what’s said in the chapter on Esther, which ironically never mentions God. And yet the Creator’s plan is hidden in plain sight when you realize who the characters in Esther represent. This is not so much a book about personal salvation. It’s a book about the coming Kingdom of God, which is what Jesus focused on when He walked the Earth. He and His apostles did not have a New Testament to wake people up from their death slumber. They used the Old Testament. And there are so many people who call themselves ‘believers’ today who don’t understand that, and stick to the New Testament alone. We need the entire Bible to understand the whole story God is telling us.”

Another wrote: “A great book from a Godly Christian scholar! This book should be on every Kindle in America — and on every bookshelf. You will see God’s word woven in ways you had not seen it before. Five stars and bravo!”

“This book needs to be read by every Christian and non-Christian — I’m thinking Muslims and Jews would really benefit,” another said. “It shows a side of the Old Testament even most believers do not know. What a resource for evangelism and independent study of the Scriptures. Thank you and blessings to all involved.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the book,” wrote another. “First time I’ve read this author. I’m going to buy his other books now.”

Farah is best known as the founder of WND.com but is the author, co-author or collaborator on more than a dozen others, including his most recent, “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.” Before launching WND, 21 years ago as the first independent online news-gathering company, he served as top editor of daily newspapers in major markets in California.

“This is far and away the most important project I have ever embarked on in my life,” Farah says of “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament.” “Before writing it, I was looking for this book and couldn’t find it – anywhere. I knew if it would be a blessing to me, it would be a blessing to others. With some Christian leaders suggesting it is time to ‘unhitch’ from the Hebrew Scriptures, it turned out to be more timely than ever.”

Farah will be available to media in mid-September to discuss his newest release, which is intended as a combination Bible study guide, pastoral reference for teaching from the Old Testament and breezy read for anyone who wants a serious book exploring the Gospel message in all 39 books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

“I think it will be especially useful for those who want a fresh look at the Old Testament that is relevant to their Christian faith,” Farah says. “In addition, it will deepen your appreciation of what the Good News of the Gospel means for everyone, the entire planet, beyond personal salvation. If you want to fully understand the Gospel Jesus preached, what He called ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom,’ this is the roadmap for its foundation in the Scriptures He taught from.”

If you would like to contribute to the spread of this book’s message, tax-deductible contributions are being accepted by the website for missions organization Gospel for All Nations. Checks can also be mailed to the group at Gospel for All Nations, 580 E Street – PO Box 100 – Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.