Establishment media continue to complain about President Trump’s constant labeling of them as the “enemy of the people” and “fake news,” but far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was caught on tape in the 1980s with a similar assessment of the fourth estate.

“In general — not in general, but as is the fact, the mass media in this country is owned by very, very wealthy people,” Sanders said in a speech, noted the Conservative Tribune, which did not have details of the setting and date.

Sanders said “we live in a country where a tiny handful of people own and control our country.”

“And you can be damn sure that when you own and control this country, you own and control the media,” he said.

“Now, we do have a free media, a free society,” Sanders continued. “And, for a mere 6 or 7 billion dollars, anyone in this room could probably buy CBS tomorrow.”

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