There is now a way to score a free plane ticket from either United Airlines, Inc. or Delta Air Lines, Inc., but you can’t get one if you plan on merely being a law-abiding U.S. citizen. No, you’ll have to be a non-U.S. citizen who wants to cross into the United States over the U.S.-Mexico border without our permission.

American-owned carriers Delta and United Airlines have both announced they will offer free and complimentary flights to families who became separated when they illegally crossed into the United States from Mexico.

Immigration advocacy group FWD.us says it is coordinating plans for free flights for up to 1,000 families on United Airlines flights alone, presumably by August 4. But that date could be extended. According to FWD.us president Todd Schulte, “All of these airplane tickets are same day or 24 hours out, they’re incredibly expensive.”

It is very ironic that United Airlines and Delta are offering these expensive flights for free to non-U.S. citizens while almost everyone else in America is dealing with higher airline prices due to recent surges in fuel costs.

It’s very comforting to know, however, that my personal favorite airline – Southwest – specifically asked our government about a month ago not to use their company’s aircraft for the free, complimentary flights.

It’s also good to know that Southwest may not be raising airline prices along with other large domestic carriers like Delta and United Airlines. Southwest has smartly used a practice called fuel hedging, which works to smooth out price spikes and keep them low when fuel costs surge higher.

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Providing free flights to non-U.S. citizens is certainly not going to discourage more illegal immigration in the future. It’s going to encourage it. That is clearly not in the interest of our country, or any country, for that matter. Citizens of other foreign nations tend not to respect the rule of law in the United States when there is a bucket full of free benefits waiting for them when they break and disrespect our immigration laws.

The only thing that will likely stop migrants from seeking free benefits offered by the United States for illegally crossing our borders is to simply remove the free benefits, and therefore disincentivize the illegal act of breaking our laws.

Department of Homeland Security press secretary Tyler Houston criticized United Airlines for being on the wrong side of the issue that is being called the “Flights For Families” campaign. The crisis at our southern border only encourages human traffickers to take advantage of loopholes in our current laws.

United is a very vocal and proud supporter of the “Flights For Families” program and has stated that “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world” and “help families get to their destination with dignity.”

I certainly have family members and other friends who live in other parts of the country I would like to “connect” with using a free and complimentary flight that allows me to travel with dignity. It’s just too bad I’m in the unfortunate category of having obeyed and abided by U.S. laws.

If I were to fly United Airlines in the future (which at this point would be highly unlikely), I would almost certainly pay for a more-costly plane ticket because of surging fuel costs. I would also likely be subsidizing United as it seeks to recoup lost profits from giving away up to 1,000 free plane tickets that would otherwise be sold at premium prices.

It’s a good thing that there are plenty of other American-based airlines I can patronize with my American dollars like Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, which have decided not to become involved in this program and are standing up for the rule of law in the United States of America.

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