Let’s pass a federal law to end all poverty by the year 2040. That will fix everything.

Oh wait – we already have hundreds of laws attempting to eradicate poverty that were instituted several decades ago. Funny thing – we still have poverty, and at about the same percentage as when the war on poverty began over a half a century ago.

It’s a clear example of the fact just because the government passes a law, it doesn’t magically make it so.

But that’s what leftists do. They see a perceived problem, which usually isn’t, and then set about to pass a law or regulatory mandate to “fix” a problem that isn’t.

And since every leftist politician in California has bought into the hoax of global warming, they are very close to passing a law mandating “a target of 100 percent clean electricity by 2045. …”

The bill, which is currently SB 100, “is an amendment to California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS). Currently, the state’s RPS requires half of all electricity delivered by utilities to come from renewable sources of energy by 2030. As an interim step toward the goal of 100 percent renewables, the bill would increase California’s clean energy goal to 60 percent by 2030,” writes ThinkProgress.

California has been on a green energy kick for quite some time now, so they should be well on their way to hitting this rather lofty target. With a mere 26 years left to achieve the 100 percent goal, and only 11 years to hit 60 perent, one has to assume they must already be pretty close to at least that 60 percent number.

Let see how they’re doing thus far.

“In 2016, wind energy (including that supplied by other states) now supplies about 6.9 percent of California’s total electricity needs,” according to Wikipedia.

That same year, “California reported a total of 19,783 GWh in solar electricity generation, approximately 9.97 percent of all electricity produced.”

That’s a grand total of 16.87 percent. This leaves only 83.13 percent to go for 100 percent coverage and 43.13 percent to reach 60 percent. Not exactly impressive by any measure. But still, it’s progress – right? And that’s what leftist progressives are all about – progress. Well, not really. They’re really about hollow promises.

Now, not that California politicians care much about the cost of anything, but all this progress comes at a price. Just so far, “between 2011 and 2016 … electricity prices rose nearly four times more (16.7 percent) in California than they did nationally (3.7 percent),” and, “from 2012 to 2016, California’s industrial electricity prices rose 14 percent, while national average prices rose 1 percent,” writes Environmental Progress.

And price increases will continue to rise at an even more rapid pace as California ties itself inexorably to these unreliable sources of wind and solar energy.

One reason is obvious and the other may be little known and even less publicized, particularly by those pushing this green fantasy.

We all know that wind and solar don’t produce when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining. They produce too much energy when it’s not needed and not enough when it is. That’s the obvious. When this occurs, the state must have reliable backup power always at the ready, like conventional energy plants and massive storage batteries. This further drives up the cost.

However, when both wind and solar production facilities are going great guns, as it were, they produce too much energy – far too much to store. Unlike other sources of energy, there is no on/off switch to wind and solar. This energy must therefore be rerouted to other states. These other states don’t need the additional energy, so California has to pay these neighboring states to take it. Think of it as a gas station paying its customers to fill up.

California is arguably one the most beautiful and bountiful states in the Union. Yet it is quite literally being killed off by leftists, from over-burdening regulations and taxes, to illegal immigration and the green energy hoax.

It’s a crying shame, but that’s also the beauty of our American system. Each state has the freedom to be as smart or as stupid as it wishes. And as long as the rest of us aren’t stuck picking up the tab, California is free to collapse under the weight of its own stupidity.

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