Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza strip after Hamas attacks in 2014

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza strip after Hamas attacks in 2014

A political columnist is lamenting the fact that the Democrats have moved so far to the left that one of theirs now actually is advocating that terrorists be given a “stake” in the future of the Middle East.

“Why would any civilized person what those that kill gays, subjugate women, and kill Jews and Christians, to have a part of any government?” asked Stephen Frank in the CapoliticalReview.

“That is how far the Democrats have gone. Candidates like [Jessica] Morse do not want to destroy terrorists, they want to assimilate them into polite, civil society.”

Frank said the comments come from Morse, who is opposing Rep. Tom McClintock, of the 4th District.

McClintock, Frank wrote, “has been a strong supporter of Israel and an opponent of terrorist organizations, like Hamas and Hezbollah.”

But his opponent, Frank wrote, “is an admirer of the terrorist organizations and actually believes they are heroes – creating jobs, giving food and assistance to the victims of the totalitarian/terrorist governments – controlled by Hamas and Hezbollah.”

He noted she said, during a recent interview, “A lot of these groups that use foreign aid tactics, they use micro credit, they offer people jobs, they offer people security, so they come in as a stabilizing influence in the communities, and this is a model we’re seeing used over and over again.”

Hamas and Hezbollah both are recognized by the U.S. as terror groups.

“We know the Democrat Party has moved to the lunatic Left – socialist policy, open borders, preference for law breakers over innocent American citizens,” he wrote. “The Democrats love high taxes, an even higher cost of loving and demand government control every aspect of our lives.

“The latest craziness from the Sacrament Democrats: They want government to determine the drink of choice of children if they go to a fast food joint…”

But, he said, Morse “shows why the Democrat Party may be on the verge of collapse. Morse is a promoter of terrorist organizations and sees them as heroes.”

Frank continued, “This race between McClintock and Morse is not about Republican vs. Democrat. It is about sanity, a civil society and support or opposition to terrorism.”

He added, “When we are fighting terrorists, protecting our own lives, can we afford an office holder that does not immediately see terrorists as bad?”

He continued, “I would hope the Democrats in the 4th District will do what the Republicans did in the San Diego District years ago, and vote based on what is best [for] America, not just a political party.”

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