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Chelsea Clinton 'abhors' Trump, may run for office


Chelsea Clinton (Photo courtesy Lorie Shaull, Wikimedia)

She’s the daughter of both a former U.S. president and a twice-failed presidential candidate, and now Chelsea Clinton is sounding like a political candidate herself, saying she abhors the actions of President Trump.

Speaking Sunday at a book festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, Clinton said when it comes to running for office, it’s a “definite no now” but a “definite maybe” in the future, the Guardian reports.

“At federal level, as much as I abhor so much of what President Trump is doing, I have a great amount of gratitude for what my congresswoman and my senators are doing to try to stop him at every point,” Clinton said.

“While I disagree with the president … I think my family … is being really well represented,” she added. “But if that were to change, if my city councillor were to retire, if my congresswoman were to retire, my senators, and I thought that I could make a positive impact, then I think I would really have to ask my answer to that question [of whether to run for office].”

“For me it’s a definite no now, but it’s a definite maybe in the future because who knows what the future is going to bring.”

Now 38, the daughter of President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton was just 12 when her family first moved into the White House. She has previously said it was unlikely she’d seek political office.

Chelsea could not hold back on her disdain for Trump’s time in the Oval Office, with special emphasis on what’s happening at U.S. border with Mexico.

“I’m outraged every day by something our president has done or said or left undone or neglected, or who he has recently bullied on Twitter or television.

“For me, sometimes, I think I’m just so fundamentally my mother’s daughter that I’m far more outraged by the Trump administration ripping children away from their families at the border and not having reunified those children with their families now for months, than I am about anything he has ever done to my families.”

She continued: “In some ways I think this is the greatest sin of the moment in our country and we very much are doing everything we can to stop this from happening.”

Clinton has also been in the news recently for controversial remarks on abortion.

Earlier this month, she claimed the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision helped add $3.5 trillion to the U.S. economy.

“It is not a disconnected fact, to address this t-shirt of 1973, that American women entering the labor force from 1970 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Right?” Clinton said. “The net, new entrance of women – that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973. So, I think, whatever it is that people say they care about, I think that you can connect to this issue.”

In direct response, evangelist Franklin Graham said on Facebook: “What a lie. Hitler probably also claimed that killing the Jews would be good for their economy.”

“Legalizing abortion hasn’t added anything to our country, it has only taken away,” Graham continued. “It has cost this nation more than 60 million lives – lives precious to God. Just think of the contribution these people would have made. There will be another high cost. I believe God will judge America for allowing the heinous murder of our own children in the womb. And to everyone who has had an abortion, that is murder in God’s eyes. But I am happy to tell you the wonderful news that God will forgive you. He can take the shame and guilt you have been carrying around all these years and take it away if you are willing to turn to Him and put your faith and trust in His Son Jesus Christ. Not only will He forgive you, He will save you for eternity – and you will be reunited one day in Heaven with that child.”

WND Editor Joseph Farah called Clinton’s remark on abortion “perhaps the most shocking, conscienceless and callous claim of the 21st century – or should be.”

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted: “So @ChelseaClinton insists that abortion—killing unwanted children—is good for the national economy. Any historical parallel come to mind?”

He included a photo of a 20th century news headline reading: “400,000 Germans to be sterilized.”

Clinton responded, saying, “Hi Dinesh- not what I said. Foremost, protecting reproductive health rights protects women’s human rights & health. From 1973-1985, American women’s deaths from abortion declined 5-fold. Reproductive rights are also about women’s economic rights and agency. Not the same as below.

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