Challenged for its business of incinerating the bodies of aborted babies, a medical waste company insists it carries out its work for a late-term abortionist “in a reverent way.”

Bio-Haz Solutions Inc. was seen in early July picking up medical waste at Leroy Carhart’s late-term abortion facility, AbortionClinics.org in Bethesda, Maryland, reported LifeNews.com.

Citing investigative work by the pro-life group Created Equal, LifeNews said that two other two other medical waste companies canceled contracts with Carhart earlier this summer after pro-lifers expressed outrage.

Bio-Haz Solutions of Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, told Created Equal leader Mark Harrington that his company opposes abortion but argues it has a moral
responsibility to “reverently” dispose of aborted babies.

Bio-Haz CEO David Henritzy said in a voicemail responding to Harrington that “we feel a reverential and moral responsibility with the goodness of God and His blessing that we take of the souls of the children with no voice.”

“No other company does what we do in a very reverent and respectful way for the lost souls of these children,” he said. “We take responsibility of handling and managing how said containers are handled once they leave the facility of origin.”

Henritzy said all of his company’s vehicles “carry holy water and place golden crosses on containers we pick up at the aforementioned locations.”

“We also carry the Holy Bible to guide us in time of need.”

Unsatisfied by the response, Harrington urged pro-lifers to continue politely asking the company to stop doing business with Carhart, who runs one of the few clinics that openly aborts babied through all nine months of pregnancy.

“Whether you place a cross on them or not, whether waste trucks carry holy water and Bibles, this doesn’t change the fact that these children who are made in God’s image are being shipped off to be burned like common garbage,” Harrington told LifeNews.com.

“Enabling abortion is a moral evil irrespective of the religious symbols used to cover for the killing,” he said.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue, which was first to report seeing Bio-Haz at Carhart’s abortion facility, said it saw the driver go in with flat cardboard boxes and empty red plastic biohazard bags.

“He came out with two boxes at a time that were so full of aborted baby remains that the cardboard bowed out and crunched at the bottom,” Operation Rescue said.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said there apparently had not been a pick up there for at least two weeks, meaning there could have been as many as two dozen babies weighing up to five pounds each in the boxes.

“That really brings home the barbarity of late-term abortions. It’s really the stuff of nightmares,” Newman said.

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