Fantasyland is an interesting place, not least of which is because what fantasyland promises is just that – fantasy. The most tragic part of fantasyland is that it carries with it a painful lesson that is better learned through the common-sense adage of “If it sounds too good to be true, you can bet it is.”

For example, I received an email several days ago from a Dr. Topson Zuma, who claimed to be the audit and account manager for the Bank of Africa in West Africa. Dr. Zuma had a transaction which he wished to keep “secret and confidential” involving “18.6 million” to be equally shared between us if I would assist him in getting the money out of Africa. As he explained it, a wealthy foreign national had died in a “motor accident on November 2003 and the deceased was unable to run his account since his death.”

To anyone with an IQ above that of plant life, this Dr. Zuma’a email letter shouted “scam,” not least of which is because the “18.6 million” is not identified as dollars, franks, euros, pounds, yen or Easter baskets. Another problem is that a person cannot die on “November.” It must be a specific day in November.

The email is obviously a scam, but there are people who will respond to it, believing the promise of riches. Sane persons wonder how anyone would fall for such an obvious scam; and yet there are those who do, which brings me to Democrats.

Democrats led by Obama for eight years brought America to the very brink of financial and social collapse. And yet those living in fantasyland believe electing more Democrats is vital for the good of America. The problem is that those people have not honestly and factually examined the ramifications of what Democrats call “good.”

Believing the fantasy that Obama spun came at a horrific cost, not least of which were millions permanently unemployed, tens of millions on food stamps and welfare, the deconstruction of our military, the rise of ISIS, the unparalleled expansion of government, a hostile industrial climate, deteriorating infrastructure and the unprecedented increase of national debt.

Yet despite the cold hard facts that the Democrats – and Obama – took America to the very brink of economic and social collapse, people still believe the fantasy that Obama and the Democrats did a great job.

The only thing these people can see is the fantasy they’ve bought into. Hallucinogenic drugs cannot create a more unrealistic fantasy that to them is real. Their delusion is a pernicious redefinition of esoteric.

The past 18 months we’ve witnessed growth and recovery that is, by every definition, historic. And yet Democrats decry the lowering of taxes, the unprecedented growth of the economy, the historically lowest unemployment rates across every demographic, the strengthening of our military, the growth of retirement income thanks to stock market growth unequalled by any period in history, ad nauseam as the antithesis to the well-being of We the People.

Instead, the fantasy of progressive-minded Democrats grows even more extreme. They have embraced characters such as 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who only months ago was a New York bartender. So completely has the fantasy she weaves been embraced that she was able to defeat incumbent liberal Democrat Joe Crowley in the New York Democrat Party congressional primary.

Cortez has exchanged the promise of “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” with a call for: “Medicare for all (i.e., complete universal healthcare), fully funded public schools and universities (i.e., tuition-free trade schools and universities), paid family and sick leave, housing as a human right, complete justice system overhaul (e.g., end the enforcement of drug laws and neutralize police departments/law enforcement), immigration justice not limited to abolishing of “Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) (i.e., de facto amnesty), infrastructure overhaul by investing in 100 percent renewable green industry, clean campaign finance (i.e., redefine who can participate in election campaigns via donations), and what she calls an economy of peace (I have no idea what that means or is).

I remind you of Dr. Zuma promising me millions for embracing his “too good to be true” lie. So, also, Democrats and Cortez want us to believe that all we have to do is embrace their fantasy for America, give them our votes and voilà, instant utopia. But remember that just as Dr. Zuma failed to reveal what currency his alleged “18.6 millions” was in, Cortez and Democrats omitted the single most important point of their utopian fantasy: how she/they plan to pay for everything she proposes.

It would be wholly unfair to say Cortez is the only occupant in Democrat fantasyland. It is neither unfair, untrue nor ipse dixit to say they all embrace the same fantasy Obama advocated when they marched in lockstep with him.

I admit I love a good fantasy as much as the next person. I need not fantasize what it would be like if Democrats retake Congress and/or the White House.

That reality is still indelibly etched in my mind.

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