Facebook’s global head of news partnerships, the former NBC News and CNN reporter and anchorwoman Campbell Brown, told a group of media executives their businesses would die without their help and that CEO Mark Zuckerberg “doesn’t care” about publishers, according to the Australian.

Campbell Brown

Campbell Brown

The paper said Brown was in a four-hour closed-door meeting with Australian media executives.

“We will help you revitalize journalism,” she said, however “in a few years the reverse looks like I’ll be holding your hands with your dying ­business like in a hospice.”

The Australian said five sources at the meeting confirmed the comments.

The sources said Brown also said Zuckerberg “doesn’t care about publishers but is giving me a lot of leeway and concessions to make these changes.”

“We are not interested in talking to you about your traffic and referrals anymore. That is the old world and there is no going back – Mark wouldn’t agree to this,” she said.

The Australian said Facebook strongly denies the reports, insisting they were “not accurate” and have been “taken out of context.”

However, Facebook has released transcripts of the meeting.

Brown responded to the reports of her comments: “These quotes are simply not accurate and don’t reflect the discussion we had in the meeting.

“We know there’s much more to do, but our goal at Facebook — what the team works on every day with publishers and reporters around the world — is to help journalism succeed and thrive, both on our platform and off,” she said.

“That means a new focus on building sustainable business models, and that’s what the discussion was about.”

The Gateway Pundit blog said it found in an analysis that Facebook has eliminated 93 percent of traffic to top conservative websites since the 2016 presidential election.

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