Dear Joseph,

I share your concern about the endangering of free speech on the Internet. My question is, what’s to be done?

Since the 2016 campaign, I’ve watched InfoWars segments most nights on YouTube, and it’s shocking that not only is InfoWars gone, but all the archived shows, the best of which I’d bookmarked, are gone. Disappeared. Spooky. Like Soviet Russia.

Some argue that YouTube/Facebook/Google, etc. are private companies and can do as they please. But the Internet has morphed into the public square, which no one should own.

Others argue that the government should control the Internet as a “utility.” But that’s exactly what the globalists et al. wanted to do with their “net neutrality” program, which would have resulted in government regulation of the Internet.

Well, that might be fine under President Trump, and one hopes he serves two terms, followed by Jim Jordan, followed by Don Jr., followed by Rand Paul, etc. But if the Dems ever get control again, imagine the censorship the government could enforce if it oversaw the Internet!

I’m trying to imagine what the Trump administration might do. Perhaps starting by breaking up the Tech Left’s huge monopolies and encouraging new platforms, and also maybe creating a “Public Square” platform, perhaps funded by the government, which no one can censor?

What do you think should be done, Joseph?


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