George Soros

George Soros

Ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros, who is supporting a collaborative effort with Facebook and others to remove President Trump from office, recently made large purchases in social-media stock after bashing the companies.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Soros made the purchases through his Soros Fund Management during the second quarter.

He acquired 159,200 shares of Facebook for $31 million, 250,000 shares in Twitter for $11 million and 54,500 shares in Apple for $10 million.

The numbers come from Securities and Exchange Commission filings, the report said.

Soros lashed out at the social-media companies as a “menace” during the first quarter, when he did not have holdings in any of the companies.

“[A]s Facebook and Google have grown into ever more powerful monopolies, they have become obstacles to innovation, and they have caused a variety of problems of which we are only now beginning to become aware,” he claimed at the time.

Long before any other news organization, WND was exposing the coordinated campaign by the “Internet Cartel” – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and others – to silence free speech by censoring and suppressing independent, conservative and Christian expression on the Internet. Here are highlights of WND’s groundbreaking news and analysis of what has been called the 21st century’s greatest assault on America’s fundamental freedoms of speech, press and religion.

“They claim they are merely distributing information. But the fact that they are near-monopoly distributors makes them public utilities and should subject them to more stringent regulations, aimed at preserving competition, innovation, and fair and open universal access,” Soros said.

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WND reported just last week on how Media Matters, a Soros-funded operation, boasted in a secret document from last year about a collaborative plan with social-media giants to silence conservative voices and resist Trump.

Media Matters said one of the products of its work was to convince the Facebook CEO to take “fake news” seriously and “commit to taking action to fix the problem.”

As WND reported, the 49-page memo for defeating Trump was presented by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors. The plan mirrors the recent wave of censorship of conservatives on the internet by tech giants Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube and Apple.

As some members of Congress who have grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others have argued, the problem with admittedly left-leaning Silicon Valley social-media platforms censoring “fake news” is that one man’s fake news is another’s real news.

And it’s clear in the memo that when Brock refers to “fake news,” he’s talking more about conservative media on the web, mentioning outlets such as Breitbart and the Media Research Center, than he is articles generated by Russian sources to influence the election, which Facebook has told Congress comprised a minuscule portion of the traffic generated by 2 billion users.

In his memo, Brock states that during the 2016 election, Facebook “refused to do anything about the dangerous rise of fake news or even acknowledge their role in promoting disinformation,” with Zuckerberg calling the notion that fake news is a problem “crazy.”

But in November 2016, Brock writes, Media Matters “launched a campaign pressuring Facebook to: 1) acknowledge the problem of the proliferation of fake news on Facebook and its consequences for our democracy and 2) commit to taking action to fix the problem.”

Media Matters met with Facebook to discuss how to crack down on fake news, according to the memo, providing “a detailed map of the constellation of right-wing Facebook pages that had been the biggest purveyors of fake news.”

WND reported last month House Republicans, noting Facebook’s recent blocking of a post of the Declaration of Independence as “hate speech,” held a hearing with representatives of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter on the alleged suppression of conservative viewpoints on social-media platforms.

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