At this moment in time, projected demographics in the U.S. over the next two to three decades do not bode well for the Republican Party and, more specifically, America First politics. But the news isn’t all bad.

Our youth and millennials are quite smart, actually, but they’re the dumbest group of smart people in our history. Is that a contradictory statement? I don’t think so, when one looks at a recent Gallup poll, which states:

“Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51 percent) as they are about capitalism (45 percent). This represents a 12-point decline in young adults’ positive views of capitalism in just the past two years and a marked shift since 2010, when 68 percent viewed it positively. Meanwhile, young people’s views of socialism have fluctuated somewhat from year to year, but the 51 percent with a positive view today is the same as in 2010.”

I’ve always been weary of polls, especially post-2016 presidential election, when virtually every poll, even in right-leaning media organizations such as News Corp. (Fox), predicted a 57-state Electoral College landslide for Empress, I mean, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. If Gallup is off in its data, however, I bet it’s not that off.

Sure, there’s absolutely some uncomfortable truths in these poll responses. My upcoming book, “10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat,” will serve, I hope, as a political playbook for parents.

That said, isn’t the GOP culpable, to some extent, for the rise of socialism?

Politics is sales

As the host of my own podcast, The Rich Logis Show,” I talk about our youth and politics, and our future, on a daily basis, often discussing a dire problem that’s existed for decades within the Republican Party – namely, the party’s indifference to a young voting demographic that it assumes will always vote Democrat.

Politics is sales. Politics is about the people, who buy the politics and brands of politics. If we don’t embrace the demographic inevitability, then we’re conceding defeat.

There’s a burgeoning segment of the Democratic voting base and DMIC, Democrat Media Industrial Complex, that is fervently counting the days until whites are a minority, projected to occur in 2045. The U.S. fertility rate is at its lowest point in recorded history; two groups with higher fertility rates than whites are blacks and Hispanics. Though President Trump is bringing some black and Hispanic voters to the side of America First, and away from socialism and the abject failures of Democratic policies (especially in the inner cities), most blacks and Hispanics will likely remain devout Democrats – unless, of course, the GOP unequivocally rebrands itself as more Trumpian, with constant emphases on individual constitutional liberties, sovereignty and personal economic gains.

Is it really that shocking that millennials and Generation Zers prefer socialism to capitalism? Cheap-labor Republicans nary blinked an eye as jobs vanished seemingly overnight in many American cities. You think Democrats are the only party addicted to spending? The doubling of our national debt under President Obama was partly the GOP’s fault, although I’m certain Obama didn’t spend one of his 2,920 days as president thinking about how to spend less of my and your money.

Trump’s glass ceiling-shattering win as America’s first civilian president nakedly exposed the violent totalitarian tendencies of many Democrats. Big-government Republicans, conversely, despise Trump because he’s exposed how ineffective they’ve been in adhering to their alleged principles of small government and support for small businesses. (And do Republicans really need to continue talking about gay marriage?)

It’s an unfortunate political irony that many young Democrats shun capitalism because socialism-lite has tainted the free market, thereby rendering capitalism less vibrant than it could have been and rendering the middle class financially weaker than it should have been.

The RNC impressively raises money, but does it have an inkling of how it should be spent? Is the RNC spending any time at all thinking about how it can prospect our youth, blacks, immigrants and Hispanics, to pick up political free agents not just for this year’s midterms but beyond?

Attack the Democrats where they thrive

Fact is, Democrats are just better at selling politics than Republicans are. Yes, Trump was the game changer, but his time in office is finite, and political life will go on after the 22nd Amendment ousts him Jan. 20, 2025. An awful lot can happen in seven years, and if there’s one thing Republicans have excelled at in the past, it’s comfortably resting on their laurels. Democrats have lost over 1,000 state and national elections over the last decade, with 90 percent of those losses at the state level. Even when they’re losing, though, the Democrats are thinking about the future, and they don’t fear the GOP cutting into their voter market share.

Cities with the highest foreign-born voter populations overwhelmingly voted for Clinton in 2016; it makes no logical sense that immigrants who moved from big-government countries with fewer opportunities would vote for big-government Democrats, until one realizes that the GOP mostly avoids them, too.

Millennial political thinking is screwed up; yes, many have, to their credit, resisted the socialist Kool-aid, but too many, for too long, have been too happily willing to participate in anti-free speech violence, occultism disguised as diversity, whitewashing of history and idol worshiping of some of the worst human beings in world history, such as Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevera. I’m letting many of our youth off the hook in declaring that they have no idea who Lenin even is.

According to the modern-day democratic socialists, America has never done socialism the “correct” way. Socialism is the tempting political devil on the shoulder, and I do not believe for a nanosecond that the popularity of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are flukes.

They are an ominous foreshadowing of the future. Young Democrats embracing socialism is a major GOP failure. Failures, however, can begat opportunities. To ensure solid America First policies in the future, and to ensure the next generation of youth scorn socialism, rather than capitalism, Republicans and conservatives must do something unfamiliar to them, but very familiar to Democrats: unite. I know we can do it.

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