How much does Google hate WND?

It’s hard to underestimate the vitriol.

I understand. I’ve been a long-time harsh critic. Before most of the world caught on to Google’s racket, some 11 years ago, I publicly called Google “evil,” primarily for its coziness with the tyrannical brutes in Beijing. (See video above.) A decade later, knowing that Google has a better working relationship with the totalitarians in China than they do with Republicans in the U.S., my own level of respect for the search giant has only plummeted.


Because it’s killing freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion – in the U.S.!

I’ve laid out the case for you before, but here’s a recap:

  • Google and its subsidiary YouTube give overwhelming preference to search results that favor their ultra-leftist worldview. Its algorithms are secret for a reason – because they are skewed in favor of “progressive” content and against “conservative” content.
  • They do this despite the fact that it is patently illegal for them to do as virtual utilities, with government immunity from lawsuits resulting from content carried by them.
  • YouTube makes hundreds of millions, maybe more, on copyright infringements posted by its users and slow-walks take-down demands.
  • Google and YouTube embrace “speech codes” that are stacked against the Judeo-Christian worldview.
  • Even the internal corporate culture of Google smacks of intolerance and scoffs at the only kind of diversity that means anything – ideological diversity.

But let me illustrate what this means to me and my company, WND, the oldest independent online news agency, now 21 years old.

While WND’s traffic and revenues have been hurt badly by Google’s unfair business practices since the presidential election year of 2016, it is still a very large website, with millions of viewers who come direct to the site – what we call “organic traffic.”

How many visitors do you suppose are referred by Google?

Take a wild guess.

Would you suspect the biggest most powerful search engine in the world might send over maybe 10 percent?

Guess again. Not even close.

Seven or eight years ago, it was not unusual for WND stories to be among the top breaking news stories in the main Google News display. In at least the last five years, I can’t recall ever seeing one WND story cited on its first page where daily, hourly, you will find the left-wing editorials of Huffington Post and Daily Beast topping the referrals, along with the New York Times, CNN and Washington Post.

You won’t see the Daily Caller or Breitbart up there, either.

In other words, it’s a systematic boycott of the independent media that is not sold out to the fake news left, the Democratic Party and the conspiracy mongers of global warming, Russian collusion and anti-Trump hysteria.

But it’s even worse than that. Google and Facebook control more than 75 percent of the digital advertising market. How much of that do you think we get? Crumbs. They boycott us there, too.

Some people continue to ask me how Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and the rest of the “Speech Code Cartel” is driving WND and the independent media out of business. This is an example of how it is done.

The goal is nothing short of our eradication.

Thank God Donald Trump is speaking up. Thank God some members of Congress are catching on. But the hour is short. There’s an important midterm election coming up in November. I believe this war is intensifying because the “Speech Code Cartel” intends that we will never have a free and fair election in the U.S. again. I believe the cartel wants to change the political culture in America so that there is no more real competition – not in the media and not in politics.

Help me avert that possibility. The stakes are enormous. The odds are stacked against us. The opposition is overwhelming.

I know you are sick and tired of my pitches for financial support. But liberty does not come for free – no matter how Google may lie to you. If the “Speech Code Cartel” wins, America loses.

Independent voices like WND are operating on borrowed time. Without immediate, direct financial support from people who recognize the unique service we provide in the ALT-NEWS category, we would be goners. We appreciate your rescue efforts as always. Here are two ways you can help:

1. Support WND, the original pioneer in independent news 21 years ago, all through August by helping us raise $100,000 as we battle the cartel for survival in our roughest month yet. We’re hunkered down and many are working without pay. I’ve subsidized WND with all the money I have and there is no more left. We thank you for getting us nearly 50 percent of the way to our total so far – but it’s not what we had hoped for with just 12 days remaining. Please pray for us and shower us with your most generous donations to keep us alive and fighting for truth.

Many of you have said you prefer to make your contributions by check. You can always do that by sending them to WND, 14501 George Carter Way, Suite 102, Chantilly, VA 20151.

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Thank you and bless you for your support.

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