LeBron misses easy activist layup

By Rich Logis

The recent opening of basketball megastar LeBron James’ I Promise School, in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, is a heartwarming and good-news respite from the usual anti-Trump occultish addiction within the DMIC: Democrat Media Industrial Complex.

Amongst other services, the school has an on-site food bank; provides bicycles to every student “to escape dangerous parts of town and explore,” according to its mission statement; and provides job placement assistance for parents.

We can reasonably agree that these are all good things for the kids and parents. While watching several interviews with James, it was quite clear to me that this wasn’t solely a financial investment (I’d rather he get his tax write-off for this, then send his money to the state or the feds). As an Akron native, James, in 2016, led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a historic NBA Finals title over the Golden State Warriors, ending a 52-year sports championship drought in The Rock and Roll Capital of the World. His local hero status is at mythical heights, and always will be.

LeBron’s Jim Crow moment

But enough with the niceties.

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, James made sure to display his social justice warrior-ism, while promoting his school, lamenting, “We are going back to places of – some kind of slavery or Jim Crow and things of that nature.” Lemon also asked if James would run against President Trump, whom James called a “bum.” James, likely jokingly, said he might; whether he realized it or not, he tacitly acknowledged in his next sentence that the Democrats have absolutely no one on deck for 2020.

These are the usual hackneyed Democrat and DMIC yawner talking points. As a celebrity, James is a high-profile political Jekyll and Hyde; he has done a lot for his community, but when he talks politics, I remind myself why 2016 was such a crucial win for we America First voters. When he emotionally outlined his reasons at the school’s opening ceremonies for wanting to assist the 240 at-risk and low income students, I never doubted his sincerity; James himself is not a man who comes from an affluent family.

Unsurprisingly, absent in the Lemon interview, as well as all DMIC coverage I read and watched about the school, was any discussion whatsoever about why some children in Akron, with a population of 200,000, are at-risk and low-income to begin with. Why are there dangerous parts of towns where the kids’ lives and well-being are jeopardized?

Who runs Akron? Democrats, of course

What has happened, and is happening, in Akron that motivated James to spend a reported $8 million for a safe-space school?

Well, here’s what I discovered about Akron: it’s run by xenophobic anti-immigrant, lifelong National Rifle Association members who want to Make America Segregated Again.

Just kidding: Akron, like most of America’s midsize and large cities with at-risk kids, is run by Democrats.

Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Akron has had only Democratic mayors for the last 13,000 consecutive, uninterrupted days. The last time Akron had a Republican mayor, Brian Sipe was the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback; if you know who the hell Brian Sipe is, my compliments.

The current city council has 14 members, including a clerk; every member is a Democrat. It’s not unusual for Democrat cities to have city councils with 80 percent or more Democrats throughout their modern histories. In Akron, I was unable to verify the political parties of members over the last 13,000 consecutive days, although I reckon they weren’t GOP, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, lifelong NRA members who want to Make America Segregated Again.

Of the 47,000 families residing in the city, according to the most recent U.S. Census numbers, 20 percent are mother-only led and 6 percent father-only.

Of all birth ages of mothers, 8 percent are age 15-19, and 27 percent are age 20-24.

Akron has certainly seen some good times; the city was the rubber manufacturing capital of the world during most of the 20th century, when Goodrich Corporation, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and Firestone Tire and Rubber Company were all headquartered in the city. By 2000, global free trade deals (a bipartisan scourge on our economy) sent the jobs packing overseas. The city somewhat rebounded, thanks to the University of Akron’s innovation in internet technology development, but Akron never fully recovered from the manufacturing job losses.

Akron’s eight public high schools are on track this year to graduate 54 percent of their seniors, down from 74 percent last year. An online search of the district’s Board of Education members didn’t reveal much about their politics, although two of the seven’s board members – Morgan Lasher and Patrick Bravo – have been involved with the Democratic Party on national and local levels. I found nothing about the political activities of Superintendent David James, who’s total compensation and benefits is $244,000 annually.

So what we have in Akron is: thousands of single-parent families, particularly fatherless homes; by today’s standards, young mothers; the usual public education challenge of low graduation rates found in school districts in Democrat cities; and dangerous crime areas.

LeBron’s missed opportunity

Calling out those who significantly contributed to the ills that have befallen the I Promise pupils would have been social activism I would have loudly applauded. James, though, missed a wide-open layup. I suspect, however, that James has zero idea that Democrats have been running Akron for longer than he’s been alive. It’s too bad he’s ignorant about the place he calls one of his two homes (the other is that bastion of conservatism called Los Angeles).

Imagine if celebrities, athletes and entertainers used their massively influential media platforms to shed a white-hot light on the utter, abject failures of Democrat-run cities – failures that most adversely affect the youth, who suffer from failing schools, rampant crime and lacking economic mobility and opportunity. James believes this to be true about Akron, whether he knows it or not; otherwise, he wouldn’t have opened his school.

Everything – every single damn thing – the Democrats touch they destroy, and there is no better example of this than the cities they’ve monopolized for generations upon generations. The ruination of many parts of these Democratic cities is the most egregious cover-up, I believe, in American history.

If LeBron James leveraged his status and popularity to attack the true opposition (Democrats), rather than fake outrage opposition (Trump), he’d have my unanimous vote for MVC: Most Valuable Celebrity.

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