The liberal media cartel predicted on Election Day that Clinton would be elected with at least 300 electoral votes.

Then they predicted recounts in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would reverse the election.

Then that same group plus establishment Democrat and Republican politicians (“Never Trumpers”) predicted Trump would not be inaugurated.

Then that same group plus establishment liberal economists predicted the economy would implode within the first 18 months after the Trump election – implode by June, 2018.

Then they predicted the elimination of more than 900 Obama rules, regulations and executive orders during the first 90 days of Trump would have no effect on the economy.

Then they predicted Mueller would find evidence of collusion between Trump and Russians.

Then they predicted Trump would not last one year in office.

Then they predicted the tweets from Trump about Little Rocket Man would lead to war.

Then they predicted the travel ban would be found unconstitutional.

Then they predicted EU countries, Mexico, Canada and China would never negotiate new trade agreements one-on-one with the U.S.

Then they predicted jobs for American Hispanics and blacks would not increase by curtailing immigration.

Then they predicted 12 million people would “lose” their health care if the Obamacare mandate was eliminated (“lose” rather than “choose to not have”).

Then they predicted tax revenues collected from the wealthy would not increase if deductions for state/local taxes, mortgage interest and other items were limited/capped/eliminated by the tax reforms to offset the decrease to the top marginal rate.

Then they predicted average Americans would only receive “crumbs” from the tax cuts for middle Americans.

Then they predicted manufacturing and manufacturing jobs would never increase again in the U.S. (600,000 manufacturing jobs lost under Obama).

Then they predicted corporate tax rate reductions and repatriation of funds and accelerated depreciation would not cause corporate expansion in the U.S.

Then they predicted tariffs on products from countries that put tariffs on U.S.-made products would only cause price increases and economic decline to GDP, stock market and jobs.

Then they predicted NATO countries could not be persuaded by Trump to contribute more to NATO, and Germany would not reduce its dependence on Russian energy.

Then they predicted Iran would not renegotiate the Obama deal and other nations would not join the U.S. in the effort.

So what is the next prediction of the establishment politicians and the liberal media cartel and establishment economists?

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