Thanks for your article on the Gospel.

I believe that Jesus Christ was the first preacher of the Gospel. In John chapter 3:16 he was the first to say “whosoever believeth” which included the gentiles as predicted in Isaiah. In John chapter 4 he went out of his way to Samaria to preach not only to the woman at Jacob’s well, but spent two whole days preaching to the men of Samaria which makes him the first to preach the gospel to gentiles. In Galatians 2: 7-10 it was agreed that Paul and Barnabas would go to the heathen and that James, Cephas and John should go to the circumcision.

Thanks for your understanding that the 1000-year kingdom will be the promise fulfilled to the Jews and us grafted in Gentiles (Romans chapter 11).

Paul explained in detail in Ephesians chapter 2, 3 and 4 this great mystery of the Jew and Gentile made one in Jesus Christ. The apostles in Acts preached the same gospel as Jesus Christ and Paul preached.

Replacement Theology has no basis in the Bible and is a creation of man and the hyper-dispensation people.

Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again and paid the price for everyone’s sin, those before the cross who believed, and those after the cross.

John 3: 15, 16 and 17 says those in the world who believe may have eternal life. Thanks be to God and Jesus Christ for the free gift of salvation. Living the Christian life will be difficult for us in the flesh, but we are to grow in grace by preaching, studying the word and spreading the gospel of salvation!

Richard A. Vining

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