‘Make Obama President Again’ hits TV

By Joe Kovacs

A character on HBO's "Ballers" sports a "Make Obama President Again" T-shirt (Video screenshot)
A character on HBO’s “Ballers” sports a “Make Obama President Again” T-shirt (Video screenshot)

It’s no secret that TV and movie producers of often embed subtle messages somewhere into their storylines, but one that aired Sunday night on HBO was not so subtle.

In the season premiere of “Ballers,” a character named TTD played by Carl McDowell is shown pulling up to an opulent home in a red Ferrari.

As he expresses his amazement at how extravagant the dwelling is, he is sporting a T-shirt that declares in large block letters, “Make Obama President Again.”

President Donald Trump, of course, has made a cottage industry of T-shirts and hats with his 2016 campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

Dawn Slusher of Newsbusters noted: “Considering the name of next week’s episode, ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Obama?,’ I think it’s safe to say the show has a bit of an obsession with the former president.”

Apart from HBO, a number of similar pro-Obama items are being sold online, with the same message of “Make Obama President Again.”


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