Marxist masses arise: ‘Tsar’ Trump must die!

By Kent G. Bailey

“Eighty years have passed since the slaying of the last Russian emperor and his family. We have long been silent about this monstrous crime. We must say the truth: The Yekaterinburg massacre has become one of the most shameful episodes in our history.”

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, July 1998

On a July night in 1918, Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and their five children were brutally murdered by Bolshevik assassins at the direct order of Vladimir Lenin or at least with his complicity. Those who agreed to accompany the tsar and his family into imprisonment were also killed. All were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death and the bodies taken to the Koptyoki forest where they were stripped and mutilated. The bodies were first thrown down a mine shaft, but later hastily buried in unmarked graves in several locations.

By virtue of both accident and search over the years, most of the bodies have been found. On July 18, 1998, the bodies of the tsar, his wife and all but two children were laid to rest amid great pomp and ceremony in St. Petersburg. Bodies of son Alexei and daughter Marie were never found.

Now, this is a very telling beginning to the communist revolution in Russia and a harbinger of things to come. A group of barely human and hate-consumed thugs burst into the Alexander Palace and brutally murdered one of the most beautiful and most photographed families in history. This was not just a political assassination where the goal is simply to eliminate enemies; it was a bloody celebration of the great and all-consuming sin of envy. This is what Marxism is all about – first envy, then hate, then protest, and then destroy and replace with communism.

Soon after this painful and disreputable birth of communism in Russia, the Communist Party USA was founded in Chicago in 1919, and its national headquarters opened there in 1921. However, most of the movement’s members were in New York, and in 1927 the headquarters were shifted to a party-owned building in Manhattan. New York City would remain the capital of American Communism from then on (Isserman, 2017).

From the 1930s to the 1950s, Communism was an effective political force in New York City until Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy and his two anti-communist committees (the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Subversive Activities Control Board) disturbed the waters. McCarthy won instant fame and celebrity in the early phases of his attack on communists in government, Hollywood and just about everywhere, but his methods were widely seen as extreme and overwrought.

In a definitive 1996 article entitled “Was McCarthy Right About The Left?” Nicholas von Hoffman says that McCarthy was a “loutish, duplicitous bully” who “exaggerated the scope of the problem but not by much.” He concludes that McCarthy “got it all wrong” but was “still closer to the truth than those who ridiculed him.” McCarthy ultimately lost the personal battle and his life at age 48, but type “Was McCarthy right” into your search engine and you will see that many now see his quixotic attacks on communist windmills as nothing short of prophetic.

Now we come to the issue of why the left and the New York Republic and its large proletariat of useful idiots on TV and smartphones hate Donald Trump and his family with such unquenchable loathing. Tsar Nicholas was hated because he was a spoiled elitist, a dictator coming from a family of dictators, an oppressor of the poor, and he did little to combat the cultural backwardness of Russia in comparison to Europe and America. And, yes, there was the envy factor.

But none of these factors hold true for Donald Trump – except for envy of his monumental business success, his unadulterated masculinity and, I think, of his “beautiful” family as well. Townhall writer Wayne Allyn Root wryly says that “everyone hates Trump,” but just look at what he has accomplished in his first two years. The economy is humming like never before with a 4.1 percent growth in GDP; his poll numbers are steadily increasing; major diplomatic inroads have been made with both Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin; and, as Root says, Trump is on his way to a Nobel Peace Prize.

Then, what kind of fool would obsess endlessly about him, long for his death and destruction and behave like a backward psychotic raging in a padded cell? What is the true basis for Trump Derangement Syndrome or my similar notion of Politically Correct Psychosis as they apply to the murderous rage of the increasingly violent Trump haters?

Radio host Mark Levin says that attacks on Trump and his family are unparalleled in American history. Moreover, he asserts that “these people have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.” Columnist John Hawkins provides a sampling of these depredations: Son Barron has been referred to as possibly “autistic,” America’s “first homeschool shooter” and a “handsome date rapist to be”; wife Melania has been called a “prostitute,” and rapper Bow Wow would like to “pimp her out”; the “Daily Show” suggested that Trump wants sex with daughter Ivanka; and Chelsea Handler even attacked Eric Trump’s unborn child!

Peter Fonda famously stated that “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles,” but then Canadian comedy writer Patrick Dussault followed with “we are coming for Chloe too.” Chloe is Donald Trump Jr.’s 4-year-old daughter! What disgusting examples of inhuman envy and mindless rage directed at the most innocent of targets. This is what happens when good people do nothing and there is no warrior class to stand up against cowardly bullies and mindless useful idiots.

Is this the face of liberal and progressive America? Is this the face of the Democratic Party, even in its most socialist iterations? This is bullying at its worst, and it thrives when “good men do nothing,” the virtuous are targets and never arrows, and there is the death of moral outrage. Are we so afraid of being called a name or being flogged with an Alinsky cat o’ nine tails that we give these destroyers of tradition and morality a free pass to attack at will?

The question hanging in the air here is: “Why do so many people on the left maniacally hate Trump – and wish for and fantasize about his death – much as the Leninist Bolsheviks hated Tsar Nicholas II in the 1917 Russian Revolution?”

Trump has been “beheaded” in fantasy; he has been “flattened by an escalator”; his death by “natural causes” widely discussed; and Democratic senator from Missouri Maria Chapelle-Nadal intoned, “I hope Trump is assassinated.” Why such hatred as if he were the tsar, when, in fact, he is simply one of the most successful American presidents ever at this point in office?

The real reason Leninist diehards and their useful idiots rage over Trump is due to his unexpected defeat of Queen Hillary in the 2016 presidential election. This miracle of miracles countered the socialist/Marxist “revolution” that was proceeding apace in the United States of America. As with Tsar Nicholas, Trump’s great sin was to stand in the way of “progress” as defined by the leftist elite, and for that he and his family have been given the “death penalty” in the hearts, minds and souls of the Marxist masses.

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