I have cancelled my Sunday ticket! I began to think, “What is the NFL?” The NFL is a brand that wraps itself in the flag (look at the logo) and is the recipient of U.S. Code that enables monopolistic business practices that support exorbitant player salaries and profits at the expense of ordinary citizens in order to achieve a diabolical political end. If the league had to pay fair-market value for its arenas and had to compete in a fair media market and if it didn’t rig local markets to lockout entrepreneurial leagues, the players would not be uber rich. Perhaps their protests are more about winner’s guilt for playing a schoolyard game that pays millions of dollars rather than anything else.

Let’s take a little deeper dive. In 2003, the League launched the NFL Network, thus beginning the transition of the NFL from a sports league to a media outlet. This is an important milestone because, as Edward Bernays (the father of modern marketing) wrote in his seminal work, “Propaganda,” the “the executive branch of the invisible government is the media.”

So putting this issue into context the NFL is trying to walk a thin line between acting fully in concert with other media outlets and maintaining enough remnants of the NFL brand to sustain their original business model. Bernays observed that the invisible government actors, including the media, often act coordinated without being coordinated. The key to this phenomenon is strategic alignment of the invisible government’s beliefs, goals and methods.

Of course in today’s vernacular, Bernays invisible government is today’s Deep State – an amorphous term that encompasses the intel community, remnants of the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, non-government organizations (NGOs), and legacy-influence peddlers like George Soros on the left and the Koch Bros on the right … and the ubiquitous mainstream media. These disparate entities act coordinated without coordination because in each instance there is one consistent obstacle blocking their desire for unbridled power, the U.S. Constitution.

It is important to understand the NFL anthem protests are part of a larger effort to rewrite or tear up the Constitution of the United by people who are in power and want absolute power. It follows a methodology routed in what is known as critical theory: Question everything and relate everything that is wrong to the founding of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

These powerful individuals, mostly white men, have duped a very large segment of the population into to doing their bidding. For those social justice warriors, progressives and socialist, I would encourage you to explore the WALKAWAY movement or the HOPTEK movement. Because, if they should win, we will all discover what modern slavery is like and what hell on Earth is like.

John Reneski, EdD

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