Progressives don’t want blacks thinking

By Mychal Massie

Godless calumniators have used the branding of that which is good as that which is bad for millennia. But it is the neo-Leninists who have used the condemnation of propriety as the viscous substance that lubricates their “anti-white” flim-flam machine. And there are none more psychologically, emotionally and intellectually segregated by this machine than blacks.

Even more condemnable than the aforementioned are those who have monetized this inculcated hebephrenic hysteria and foment same for massive profits. Let me explain – again.

There is not an ethnicity on earth today or in the history of the world whose members have not been slaves. Slavery was never about skin color; it was about conquest, infrastructure and commerce. Muslims were in the past the most prolific in the slave industry, albeit it’s unpopular to point that out. It’s even more unpopular to point out that Islam virtually owns the flourishing global slave industry today.

A question that demands an answer is: “If skin-color profiteers are so offended by slavery, and view America not as the repository of opportunity for all, but rather as a portrait of ill-gotten gain(s) based upon the practice of slavery – why don’t they hate Muslims?” And while you ponder that question, following is another that needs to be addressed.

Those trading upon skin color as an industry are quick to argue that blacks have been in America for 400 years. My question is this: “If blacks have been here that long, why are they no further advanced?” Why is it that a person can immigrate here with no money and barely able to speak English, achieve financial security, send their children to colleges/universities, maintain a strong nuclear family and then repeat the process generation after generation, yet blacks argue they’ve been in America 400 years and still can’t get ahead? Are they lying or suffering from lack of self-motivation and bad decisions?

Why is it that after 400 years we’re to believe that blacks are no further ahead today than when they were slaves 150 years ago, blah-blah-blah? If we choose to believe this false narrative, the answer can only be for the two reasons stated above.

Noble liberal progressives (sarcasm intended) and cultural Marxists don’t want these questions introduced into the dialogue. So, they agitate their mentally and emotionally indentured slaves who, not unlike the winged creatures in “The Wizard of Oz,” then fly out, or fly off the handle as it were; but instead of chasing Dorothy, they accuse America of treating them unfairly.

Another question that demands an answer from those referenced is: “What will it take for blacks to be satisfied?” Do they know? America has labored the past five decades genuflecting, apologizing, codifying reverse discrimination and developing a mercantile of blaming whites – and these people are still not satisfied.

What else can be done to convince blacks that America isn’t out to “get” them? What will it take?

I submit there is nothing that can be done.

My long-held conclusion is: “We do nothing.” We stop treating blacks as a special subset of America, compartmentalized by skin color and recognized exclusively for the color of their skin.

As I have stated many times, I argue that the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was mostly correct.

In Moynihan’s report known as, “The Negro Family: The Case For National Action,” he argued that the rise of “black single-mother families” wasn’t caused be a lack of jobs, but rather by a “destructive ghetto culture.” Where I disagree is placing the blame upon slavery, which was his conclusion.

If this downward spiral were caused by slavery, it would be evidenced amongst every population group on earth, because, as I pointed out, every nationality has experienced slavery in their history.

Why is it, then, that only blacks are enjoined and encouraged to claim they’re no better off today than when they were slaves?

The answer to this question is because it’s profitable financially as an industry, and it’s a profitable political construct that feeds progressivism.

I agree in toto with Moynihan when he argued for “Benign Neglect” of the “Negro.” He argued to President Nixon a continuation of the nanny state specifically as it related to skin-color-based government entitlement programs, created, perpetuated and inculcated a dependency mentality amongst the “Negro” poor.

Progressives have surreptitiously created a generational zeitgeist of government dependency that enables the skin-color industry run smoothly – which is the primary reason those such as myself, who reject the idea of being a crayon color, are assailed.

We’re a threat to the skin-color profit machine. The more people who embrace my message of truth and intellectual freedom, the greater the threat I pose to progressives.

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